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   water and life, has a very important role. When you drink water every day, whether there is water and some recognize this knowledge? Here Victor purifier manufacturers come to you a brief introduction about our drinking water, and let you know more microscopic water.

   Whether it is beautiful sparkling lakes, roaring waves of the vast sea, or the roar of waterfalls wonders, colorful water world richer environment. Where there is life, and where there is water. All life activities are originated in the water. The taste of water, it only enjoyed life to appreciate; the mysteries of life, their only moist with water to know.

   H2O water just

   We start from high school, knew that the water is H2O, inorganic substance consisting of hydrogen, oxygen composed of two elements, odorless and colorless at normal temperature and pressure the transparent liquid. But in fact, in nature, water is a very rare, usually mostly aqueous salt solution of a material, minerals and the like. Traditionally sense, this solution is our daily called "water."

   people of all life activities, are inseparable from this "water." 70% of our body consists of water, the skin breathe, the work of the kidneys, blood circulation, beating heart cells vitality, must have water to participate.

   Side soil support people

   saying, "side soil support people." Water quality and people have a definite connection, the ancients believed, what kind of person what kind of water to develop, its beautiful places susceptible to beauty. The modern scientists have discovered: genetic (DNA) and water (H2O) has a very close relationship. British scientists measured the content of more than 60 kinds of chemical elements in human blood, and the water element, the element distribution of the earths crust, found that the abundance curve three has a remarkable coincidence.

   This shows that the minerals and nutrients in the water, with peoples health are closely related, and even affect the genetic and life.

   But now, with the increase of population, the increasingly serious water pollution, drinking water business gradually began to flourish. Impact "side soil support person" slightly reduced, but at the moment the demand for bottled water has become even more important.

   Commercial drinking water

   thousands of years ago, our fathers brought forth with many sparsely populated, non-pollutingGood natural source of water. But today, per capita consumption of the worlds freshwater resources per capita consumption is only 1/4 of the modern had to meet our health needs of drinking water by buying commercial bottled water.

   in the worldwide commercial price of bottled water better than tap water 500-1000 times more expensive. Bleaching powder taste, excellent water quality, aging pipes and secondary pollution is the main reason people do not trust tap water, although the FAO report pointed out that a simple boiled basically will be able to solve these problems out, but there are still a lot of people believe that bottled water is safer business and pure.

   If you need to select the drinking water business, we must also be aware that not all bottled water is the same.

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