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  Talking to experts Springs home after ultrafiltration membrane treatment process

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Preparation of ultrafiltration membranes have a lot of material, according to the material points can be roughly divided into two classes of organic polymer and inorganic, at present most of the ultrafiltration membrane on the home market is the organic polymer type (referred to herein only for the organic polymer membrane type). Ultrafiltration membranes to go through multi-channel post-processing technology to produce qualified products.





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Preparation of membrane required since the primary agents and agent is dissolved in an organic solvent, common organic solvents are DMF, DMAC, DMSO, etc., in order to ensure an ultrafiltration membrane prepared through different methods, the organic solvent can be cleaned, washed repeatedly to clean, keeping in mind the different forms the use of different membrane cleaning methods, such as hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane can be washed several times considered the method of hanging, and sub-cleaning (authors note: meaning multi-step cleaning) process not to waste water. Meanwhile, in order to improve the membrane surface hydrophilicity and stain resistance, added during the synthesis of some additives ultrafiltration with a hydrophilic group, such as the membrane material will gradually precipitate with water, partial co such cleaning agents may be considered characteristic for a certain time aging treatment is completed, in order to facilitate rapid dissolution of these additives can be appropriately increasing the temperature of aging.




If the ultrafiltration membrane without any post-treatment storage reservoir, easily dewatered wet film membrane pores result in irreversible shrinkage and a significant decline, collapsing the membrane pore structure of the film becomes brittle texture , so also save moisturizing treatment ultrafiltration membrane cleaning. Common ultrafiltration membrane can be saved is to add moisture or have some water-absorbing substances, such as glycerin, the state health department has a certain threshold requirements for material health and safety indicators wading oxygen consumption, so when you add moisturizer to considerWading into the health and safety of the material. But you can also consider the use of salt moisture preservation, the same way salt should also consider the health and safety of wading material, do not add harmful substances and heavy metal ions into it. Salts may also save some weaknesses moisture, salts easy crystallization, crystals precipitated salts will pierce the membrane wall, resulting in deterioration of the effect of the ultrafiltration retentate.




surface of the propagation of microorganisms in a polymer easily, ultrafiltration membrane preservation, difficult to completely dry state in a humid environment, breeding of microbes more rapidly, so that the ultrafiltration It should also be considered to prevent germs from contaminating the membrane surface when the film preservation. In doing antibacterial treatment, pay attention to safety on membrane health additives. There are several ways this inhibitory process: Modified membrane 1, so that the direct inhibitory ultrafiltration membrane, such as adding or nano silver nano zinc, but this modification is to be noted additives dispersed in the casting solution conditions. Also to be considered after the modified film, the carrier film is peeled off from the complex substance do not come out, it will not only lead to subsequent antibacterial effect, it can also lead to collapse of the film structure. 2. Film Moisture save process efforts, by a method of adding bacteriostat or antimicrobial agents to prevent the growth of microorganisms in the membrane, but the addition of additives, to ensure security through the use of ultrafiltration membrane.




on the ultrafiltration membrane moisture conservation, but also consider factors freezing and transport. In particular, the wet film, a wet film of water icing pierce membrane damage, adding a certain additive to reduce the freezing point, such that the storage temperature range can be expanded, such as glycerol. However transport, if the film is too much humidity, the film is not easy to transport, so in this case, may be considered optional dry storage.


In summary, ultrafiltration membrane treatment process after the impact is very large, the whole process should take into account the health and safety of the film, a film storage conditions and environmental films.




Wen Shenzhen-Tak Industrial Co., Ltd. Huang Lei from "water purifier big vision" 04 issue

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