Something about water purifiers life expience

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  Something about life experience of water purifier: water purifier Views: 469 Time: 2017-2-25 9:24:33 as if that is now water purifier "Reds in front of the emperor," is fitting, warm, fresh air, boilers, etc. industry, "the star added products." After such a beautiful reality, there are water purifiers hardships in the past. 瓒h皥鍑€姘村櫒韬笘_鎭噣鍑€姘? width= water purifier in the nineties of the last century had been an over-kill, and now the water purification industry is actually old is new again. Water purifiers to get rid of that year by whom? Is it "natural enemies" drinking fountains + vat of water. Now water purifier mainstream consumers are 25-35-year-old white-collar workers, a student must have a home water dispenser, the year the popular way to go. Because the drinking fountains secondary pollution, health problems bottled water, big buckets of water gradually die on the beach, and bottled water began to flourish, water purifier start back to life. The earliest water purifiers from the United States. In the 1970s, American carcinogenesis revealed problems in tap water and chlorine disinfection by-products, in the early 1980s, started with the home terminal apparatus for purifying process water depth, so that the birth household drinking water processor, commonly known as household Water Purifier. Chinas first water purification equipment was born in Shanghai. Shanghai people pay attention to the quality of life, not satisfied with the chlorine taste of tap water. Since 1985, there are water purifier brand began to serve the people of Shanghai. By 1996, water purifier has a hundred flowers blossom, activated carbon products and gradually developed from the processor to the KDF, microfiltration, ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis and electrodialysis. Thereafter, the activated carbon filter processor does not change in time, the growth of fungi, microorganisms in water exceeded, excessive nitrite. Water purifier has become a "sewage" on, rampant fakes, bad influence. So "Media + Bottled water" two-pronged, water purification industry in a slump. The bottled water quality problems after frequent, safety and health issues has been home water purifier + media two-pronged approach has been dry of bottled water get on the ground.

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