Water purification installion lochas exquisite wer pressure

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water heater can fully purify drinking water and family life, this new way of treatment significantly improved peoples water quality, water purifier so slowly won the goodwill of consumers. Buy a good water purifier is important, for the installation of water purifiers is also a key point of influence proper use of water purifier, good or bad installation location affect the performance of the water purifier made of water, life and so on. So we have to want to install a water purifier installed in place, it will not only not be convenient for us, but also may bring more trouble to us.


in the process of using a water purifier requires a certain pressure to complete the purification, the installation position of the critical water purifier, purifier select the mounting position of water pipes in the original subject, taking a position close to the main water supply and water. The preferred installation position is below the cupboard under the kitchen sink or wash stations. Considering the tap water pressure is enough question, of course, is not too far away from the water pipes, if installed outdoors or lower temperature where it can cause damage to water, affecting the life of the water purifier and so on. Moreover, it should install where normal life is not easy to touch, avoid touching children.


Note also that the water purifier should be installed near the heat source or to solar irradiation position, because most cartridge housing are produced from plastic, close to the heat source, the plastic easily decomposed, odor, cause secondary pollution. Prolonged exposure to the outdoors water purifier, a water purifier easy to make brittle plastic housing, to help reduce the use life of the water purifier. Should not be installed too small water purifier. Water purifiers require frequent cleaning filter, if the space is too small, can not be removed water purifiers, water purifiers make difficult to remove.


In water purification installation, the installation should ensure that the water quality of the water purifier, water pressure, water flow, water temperature and other performance parameters of the product meets the requirements of the table. The mass of water in front of the selected pre-filter means to increase the water purifier. Water purifier all piping, fittings, faucets and other wading accessories should meet national health standards. Do not install outdoors northern region, in order to prevent the cracking ultra filter, and should prevent direct sunlight. Not excessive force when tightening the threaded joint during installation, prevents the terminal screw slip teeth.

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