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   The past two years, peoples lives and health and safety problems of drinking water given unprecedented attention. With the popularity and increasing health consciousness, peoples drinking habits gradually changed, from bottled water, bottled water, water purifier today, you can see the pursuit of healthy drinking water has become a fashion trend, it can be said It is in the form of gratifying. At present, the overall situation of my countrys water purification industry is good, the market door open, the water purifier market in depth.


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   According to the current development status do water purifier to join the investor point of view, water purification agents should be how to develop new markets, in order to obtain market and consumer recognition of it ? and how to establish their own advantages to sustained profitability it?

   water purifier market dealers develop new ideas

   to develop water purifier market, a good attitude is essential. Ideas determine, thinking we decided the way to go. What kind of idea what kind of future. So the market is also true, we must have a good, winning attitude, do not hear negative information, they give up, and that the water industry is destined to go far. Therefore, a good attitude is the first step to success. To expand water purifier market, we must learn more accumulation. In addition to relying on enterprises to provide "training", the water purifier franchisees themselves should learn water purification industry knowledge, product knowledge, in order to know ourselves in competition in the market, find their own advantage.


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   water purifier franchisees make sound management mechanism

   agents must have its own advanced marketing and management systems. This is not only an advanced marketing team, strong core competitiveness of enterprises working capital, appropriate operational structure, highlighting the advantages of public relations, professional logistics platform, healthy corporate thinking and so on, but also the implementation of a coherent, rational, institutional, systemic, for example, to do customer management, but also make the order management, items management; timely manner summarized feedback; in practice, the importance of timely communication, mutual assistance and mutual cooperation, can not appear the phenomenon of the Selection Committee . Manufacturers, downstream outlets to provide professional service system, a market manager and leader. With the overall capacity of the energy system operating funds rate to accelerate, expand sales, reduced operating costs, profit margins to win.

   analysis of research information, to find development focus

   toKey competitors based on analysis of market research information, including the overall situation of the market, consumers, competitors and channels at all levels of analysis, complete grasp of the characteristics and development trends of regional market judgment, clearly identify the main competition and attacks to determine the channel members at all levels of the selection criteria and target customers. Clear their relative competitive strengths and weaknesses, to find the market development of regional focus and a breakthrough in order to develop a competitive regional market strategy, determining marketing goals, and to develop appropriate the operational work plan. Specific channels, a combination of product and pricing strategies should be to build in a water purifier as the leading regional marketing value chain as the core purpose, and gradually establish a dominant position in the marketing chain.

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