Redstar spend 600 million yuan to build the worlds Taihu hou

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   April 20 morning, Redstar spend 600 million yuan in Taihu County, Anqing City, Anhui Province voted to build "Meikailong Taihu global household Square" was started, reception center project is also synchronized opening . Currently, Redstar has been in more than 150 cities, to open 259 shopping centers. Taihu landing project, marking the county-level cities will become an important area of 鈥嬧€媔ts efforts to expand and layout.


   car countrys new CEO Redstar home Group Co., Ltd. said that the choice to invest in the global household Square Redstar Taihu Lake in Lake County, not only because local Taihu strong industrial base, but also because many factors here geographical resources, market space, investment environment, history, culture, tourism resources.


   also said that the new national car project Taihu Meikailong, will continue to "Luban spirit" to ingenuity and innovation as the starting point, to change peoples home life Taihu Lake quality.

   According to Executive Director Redstar Taihu global household Square, Wang Zhi, general manager of introduction, Redstar Taihu Lake project is the first project in Anqing City area, Taihu County, Anqing City, the focus is to attract foreign investment one of the project.


   Redstar Taihu global household Square is located in the Taihu Lake Economic Development Zone, the project covers an area of 鈥嬧€?0 acres and a building area of 鈥嬧€?40,000 square meters. Put into use, it will be built home shopping, home building materials, commercial street, dining and entertainment, leisure and shopping, supermarkets, retail department stores, fresh fruits and vegetables, and "eat, drink, play, music, shopping" in one of the most IN SOUTHWEST scale of one-stop shopping plaza home life. The project will bring more high-quality and convenient shopping experience at the same time, will create more than 3,000 business opportunities and more than 10,000 jobs, the annual turnover in the market is expected to reach 800 million yuan for the people of Taihu Lake.


   Taihu County, Anqing City Peoples Government Vice Mayor Lu Weiwen that the building Meikailong Taihu Lake project will further improve the urban landscape, and promote the health of Lake County business rapid development, driven by more well-known enterprises have settled down in Taihu Lake.


   It is noteworthy that, as the market value of over one hundred billion Meikailong listed companies over the years aStraight enthusiastic about public welfare undertakings, and actively contribute to the community.


   As of corporate self-built since 2017, Redstar has in flood relief, the Glorious Cause, the project hopes other public welfare undertakings and the Glorious Cause has donated more than four billion.

   (Source: People - Home Channel)

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