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  Secret: Should drink plenty of water released when the cold time: at 16:28 on October 17, 2017 Hits: 42 cold only to drink water, but also drink plenty of water, drink plenty of water to good fast, which seems to have It has become ingrained in peoples minds a sense. Whenever a cold, we will hear people around such a suggestion. However, experts advise: Not all flu patients drink plenty of water are favorable for the disease. So, drink plenty of water to practice what is wrong with it? In general, the doctor will recommend to the patient to drink cold water. Because the flu is a viral infection or secondary bacterial infection, drink plenty of water will help increase urine output, may indirectly play a role rid the body of toxins, urinary tract infections, especially when, drink plenty of water excretion, favorable bladder irrigation, which will help disease recovery. But do not drink a lot of time, but should be intermittent drinking, to drink a cup every time, the amount of approximately 300 ml, then a time lag before drinking better, so that both keep the water balance of the body, nor will kidney burden. But for patients with respiratory tract infections, cold drink plenty of water may make the disease worse. And clearly pointed out that if the patients respiratory tract infection drink plenty of water but would cause more harm to the body. And the patients respiratory tract infection if a cold drink too much water can cause hyponatremia. "British Medical Journal" study also reported that, when a persons respiratory tract infection, such as when suffering from a cold or bronchitis, the body will release a lot of water retention hormones. When a high content of this material, the drink more water, the excess water will cause, in vivo electrolyte imbalance, resulting in hyponatremia. Thus, for those flu patients respiratory infections, colds can not drink plenty of water, but for patients with the common cold, cold drink plenty of water, is conducive to the recovery of the cold. Previous: Experts advise: 10 cold foods must not touch

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