Water purifiers to avoid these rors,he development of mor-mo

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   According to statistics, currently on the market have some water purification water purifier brand over 5000, some of the cabinets, bathroom, home appliance industry brand Yiyu cross-sectoral development, at the same time, there are a large number of foreign brands are trying to fight into the Chinese market, which indicates that Chinas water purification industry still has a relatively broad market space. However, there are challenges and opportunities for the majority of water purifiers to join, in the course of business operations, we must advance with the times, take precautions, some errors in a timely manner will be opened, and you will develop more "money" scene. Blindly choose brand water purifier agents often affected by price when choosing a water purifier brand, that low-cost water purifier brands are often highly profitable, has become widely accepted. But this is not the most sensible choice, water purification agents when selecting water purifier brand, still from the water purifier brand positioning, the strength of the factory, the availability of related patents, wading aspects of this document and brand influence comprehensive study, the final situation where their combined market and consumer habits of target customer groups to select the best agency brand. The initial investment is too large a piece of cake, it should be how to eat, where under the mouth is a science. There are a lot of franchisees and manufacturers start to talk, to gamble, to charge into the entire net worth that investment with return is directly proportional. In fact, as a fledgling agency, we first need according to their economic strength and operational capacity, able to do their own things well, steadily rooted in this local market, to expand the scope of sales. It will belong to the early accumulation of quantitative changes. The control over the distribution area of 鈥嬧€媡he range, will result in waste of resources, inefficiency, while difficult to achieve given targets manufacturers, has a great influence on the development of late. Does not present a lot of marketing water purifier stores are still the traditional mode of operation is to open the door to wait for customers to come. Water is emerging as a sunrise industry, many consumers have not had insight, water purifiers feel dispensable. Therefore, the traditional wait for customers to come in this way is obviously no way to make your foothold with the water purification industry, let alone get rich, and "essential in order to promote good business", "wine is also afraid of themselves" Many consumer water purifier there are little understood. So, smart water purifier franchisee will conduct advertising on advertising in the factory on the basis of a local advertising, such as Marco Polo water purifiers, although there are CCTV advertising, also sponsors the world dance competitions, but still requires agents Marco Polo in some of their local electricTV stations, outdoor walls, bus stations can be put in Marco Polos advertising, which helps make local consumers to know you, and then choose your approval. Sale regardless of whether the water purifier Unlike other appliances, it needs to replace the filter late, as the agents must provide comprehensive after-sales service for consumers to obtain the trust of consumers. Water purifiers to join if they want long-term business, we must avoid boast, so that consumers can not damage the brands image, this will be a long-term water purifier sales have obstacles. So, for the sale and installation problems encountered by consumers, for the core, machine failure, we need to solve in time to help improve water purifier brand reputation in the local, to obtain a secondary transaction. Water purifier to join the agency is a long process of learning, need to have good psychological quality, grasp of the market will improve the sensitivity of the water purifier market has a very important role. Water purification agents are only constantly sum up experience and lessons, in order to stand out in the market.

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