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users increasingly demanding of their own health, but also more and more popular to buy household water purification products. With the market "money scene", more and more companies begin to exert in the retail water purifier market. The latest sales data show that consumer demand for water purification equipment linear upward trend, foreign sales accounted for rising water purifier brand, buy the unit price selling products has continued to rise.


of the State Council Information Office on June 4, 2014 release of "2013 China Environmental Bulletin" shows that the top ten state-controlled sections of the Yangtze River, Yellow River, etc., the proportion of sections 鈪?~ 鈪?Grade 71.7 %. Monitoring the nutritional status of 61 lakes (reservoirs), the eutrophication of lakes (reservoirs) 27.8%, mild and moderate eutrophication eutrophic lakes (reservoirs) ratio of 26.2% and 1.6%, respectively. Groundwater Environmental Quality monitoring points, the good water quality only 10.4%, so the national water environment quality is not optimistic. Water is the source of life, the quality of water and life and health are inseparable. Professor, School of Environmental Science and Engineering, Tongji Li Weiying that "the situation of water resources for drinking water purification and water environment security pose a greater pressure, it also requires us to take some measures to ensure the safety of drinking water."


At present, water plant finished water quality to meet the basic requirements of "drinking water health standards". But by the secondary pollution during transport to the end user through the water supply network in part a result of drinking water quality indicators exceed national standards, it is an objective reality and can not be overlooked problem. Improve scientific awareness of drinking water purification, urgent to strengthen the protection of water sources. For the consumer, you first need to define the concept of healthy drinking water with nutrients and the meaning of existence, in daily life should pay attention to all kinds of water storage device is cleaned regularly. If the selection of terminal water purifiers and other water treatment facilities, should pay attention to their qualifications, wading materials, processing technology and quality assurance and after-sales service, and choose according to specific water quality conditions in various regions.


water purification equipment sales every year to maintain triple-digit growth


in water purification products, international brands occupy the major market share in 2013 and 2014, five months of the year sales of foreign brands on the Amazon platform, water purification equipment were up 90 percent of overall sales, showing an absolute advantage. The most popular brand on the list, 3M, Everpure and Hansixier brands sales in recent years topped the list, consumers are very value high standards of purity and high-tech international brand products.


From the analysis of the type of water purification equipment, ultrafiltration machine for its ease of use and cost-effective features, mainstream consumers to buy, its sales accounted for more than half of total sales, while pure water and the filter cartridge sales are showing growth trend. Selling water purifier product prices are from 300-800 yuan in 2012, increasing year by year to around 2,000 yuan in 2014, filters and other accessories related selling prices gradually rise. Bestsellers prices rising trend, reflecting consumers seeking high quality of life.


can be seen from the hot water purification products, users are increasingly concerned about personal health, they are willing to spend money on water purification equipment to enjoy a better, healthier life. But also exposed the current state in the protection of water shortage, private small businesses ranked the problem of pollution is still serious, as the media we recommend users to buy water purification products to maintain personal health, but also fooled local governments to strengthen supervision, to prevent private row chaos put problems, but also the people a healthy water environment.



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