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   Today, there is growing emphasis on quality of life, the requirements for drinking water have become more sophisticated, in addition to the basic thirst for water requirements, water purity and beneficial mineral content rich, it becomes a higher pursuit. However, faced with serious problems of water pollution, we still seem to be helpless and do not know where to go to seek a sense of security, a lot of people are such a society and just slowly being numb, and not to care about these issues, which will potentially cause a variety of health problems, the emergence of various diseases. But how water purification equipment, with or without purification standards and other issues, but also to many people confused.

   reporter visited the provincial capital market saw a number of brand water purifiers, water purification complex concepts, such as reverse osmosis water, ultrafiltration water purifiers, as well as water softeners, water purifiers terminal, straight drinking water machine and dozens of species. The face of so many varieties of water filter, and then through the "bombing" when shopping guide marketing, consumers are confused. To this end, the reporter water purifiers water purification effect, how to choose and other issues were investigated.

   industry performance standards differ

   those dazzling professional terms are What do you mean? Qiang said water purification techniques can be divided by the filter, activated carbon adsorption, membrane technology, electrolysis, dissolution, mineralization, magnetic and the like. The membrane technology is the core of water purifiers, it can be divided into microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration and reverse osmosis, which is when consumers buy products that require special attention.

   "compares the purification effect, microfiltration current domestic RO Water purifier filters generally have five layers, namely PP cotton, granular activated carbon, sintered activated carbon, reverse osmosis RO membranes, post carbon , and can effectively filter out heavy metal ions, such that water reaches the water quality standards. purifier ultrafiltration membrane pore size is used, the membrane containing the activated carbon and discounts two filters, which is larger than the reverse osmosis membrane many, the filtration accuracy is relatively low, metal ions such as filtration powerless.

   reporters interviewed found that except for a few brands, most of the water purifier water purification product sheet does not indicate the test report. so, currently on the market if there is a water purifier industry production standards? Reporters closer look found in the home appliance stores, all kinds of water purifier using theStandard varied, with national standards, industry standards, local standards. It is also a water purifier, why different performance standards? Liu Qiang told reporters, "due to the different use of filtering technologies, standards of different types of water purification products are different."

   But there are also people in the industry said that home water purifier production is not no standard to follow but too many standards, classification and provisions are not detailed enough. Liu Qiang, said: "There are household water purifier ultrafiltration membranes, reverse osmosis membrane, nanofiltration membrane, ceramic film a variety of technologies for different types of water purification technology should have the appropriate technical standards In addition, Chinas water purification. standard updates slow, can not keep up the pace of the rapid development of water purification technology. "

   concept of a wide variety of water purification

   just finished remodeling the house in the ocean want to buy a water purifier, a few days ago to Suning Electric stroll around, the result of depressed home. He said: "One went straight to the counter to sell water purifiers, did not think I asked dozens, prices ranging from several hundred dollars to several million, and shopping guide up against a variety of stresses, really do not know which election, "this is not no way he had in the micro-channel circle of friends: help." Taiyuan hard water, water bottles useless a few days to a thick layer of scale, which water purifier impurity removal fly seek recommendation? ! "

   June 5, the reporter visited the provincial capitals major appliance stores, the kind seen in the sale of water purifier a lot, divided into wall-mounted water purifiers, water purifiers under the hood, vertical water purifiers, water purifiers and other net buckets. Use efficiency also differ, some water purifiers advertised double charcoal odor, KDF addition to heavy metals, as well as a water purifier, said there is beauty, anti-cancer and other effects, and even many brand of "international membrane filtration" and other advanced technology products as a publicity stunt.

   Subsequently, the reporter also found Taobao search, there is only water purification products 101 400, up to hundreds of brands, ranging in price from 19 yuan to 30,000 yuan. Product promotion also contests, such as "The United States imported medical grade filters," "National food grade ABS material," "silver ion stainless steel net", a variety of dazzling slogans, but there are still businesses claimed that magic water purifier has a skin care effect.

   water purifier various advertising really so magical? An industry source told reporters, businesses advertised can filter carcinogens, manufacturing Beauty water too exaggerated. Currently marketed mainly divided into two types of water purifiers water purification concept, first as an ordinary kitchenOf water purification, which uses ultrafiltration purification technology type, only of the sediment in the water pipe, impurities simple "rough" filter, direct drinking water quality standards reach. The second concept of clean water, were called "pure" water purifier, which uses a reverse osmosis type processing technology, more sophisticated techniques, this type of water purifier through the produced water can be achieved drinkable standard.

   Note that, a lot of water purifier business have to "significantly reduce the scale" for the publicity stunt, water purifier expert Liu Qiang said: "The scale does not indicate how much water effect, high water hardness, refers to calcium, magnesium ion content. scale with the bottom of the kettle our daily calcium, magnesium related to human health and has no effect. "

   demand to buy the regular brand

   manufacturer to occupy a large market the concept of playing cards and health care, as operators of promotional products in the product introduction wanton expansion of product efficacy in a variety of domestic and imported goods for troubled theory, consumers how to choose it for their own water purifier ?

   In this regard, Liu Qiang recommendations: First, choose a health permit this document products. Each former water purification products on the market should go through the technical supervision departments identified, and related water quality standards in line with national quality and access to health permit approval document issued by the provincial health department of sales of products available on the market. Currently, due to the water industry is not particularly standardized, some small businesses in order to save costs, illegal sales carried out in the absence of access to health permit approval document, apply a variety of products or documents relating to health. To do this, buy a water purifier should pay attention to check whether the product has a health permit this document.

   Next, choose a good after-sales service brand. Water purification installation is complex, own a security risk to install or replace the filter. For this reason, consumers buy water purifier manufacturers should also be considered, whether businesses have the ability to on-site installation services. As the water purifier in use for some time the need to replace the filter, is a long-term after-sales service products, manufacturers must be considered, whether the business has stabilized at a local, high-quality after-sales service.

   Finally, consider the filter maintenance costs and ease of installation. Because many brands, different additional functions, different filtration precision, the price difference is relatively large water purifier. To the attention of consumers to purchase predict the cost, considering the products and cost-effective post-use, reliable choice for quality, higher cost products. At the same time, but alsoWhen considering ease of filter replacement, security, to prevent water leakage does not match with the water purification filter or a bayonet accuracy caused by inaccurate.

   to buy a water purifier, charm still give you a different choice, let you enjoy the most favorable price, to give you the best quality.

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