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due to the current domestic water purifier market, the brand everywhere, lack of uniform national standards for the industry, it makes the water purification industry chaos. Consumers buy water purifier when like "mist third overall," not simply to determine what brand of water purifier good, in fact, this is a kind of helplessness, but also the entire water purification industry of default.


water purifier prices become a lot of reference when consumers buy


because they can not determine, it is difficult to find a reference standard, some consumers believe: penny, for a half for health I spent at high prices to buy a water purifier, if not buy the best, but at least will not have to buy low-quality water purification products it! According to Chinese water purification resolve network-related person in charge: water purifier industry confusion, Wu status of the subject of speculation for some water purifier manufacturers to provide a virtual blow concept, opportunities exorbitant demands, such as common is activated water, magnetized water energy water ..... some even boast their own water purification products have medical effects, and thus will raise the price of water purifiers, consumers are often easy to mistakenly believe Moreover such publicity. According to drink straight first domestic brand, provides water purifier Vanke three hundred and thirty thousand users in the country purchase program and guidance of net of the spring water purifier brand leader Li Yang introduction: At present, the activating water, magnetized water, the water quality of this machine concept of energy water did not qualify for the national health this document, that such products are faulty; and publicity about the water purifier has the effect of health care is the Ministry of health banned false publicity, in fact, we have not and will clearly recognize this point, you may be able to better expose this lie, the water purifier main role is to filter out impurities in the water by high precision, that is, to the raw water subtraction, and to have a medical or health function is generally done a water addition, water is our common brewed important, it is to allow the water to increase pharmaceutical ingredients, so as to achieve a therapeutic effect or to resist disease.


with another part of the consumer before the consumer in that part of the water purifier to buy the idea of 鈥嬧€媡he opposite, they think that this is the first time to buy their own water purifiers, water purification effect is so specific that he did not how with knowledge, it has to spend hundreds of thousand more to buy water purification products feel a little reluctant, then buy a cheap first to experience the reason that they buy water purifier principle is: where I can buy cheap where ; this gives some of the classes provided by the manufacturer plus workshopThe opportunity to name their slogan is: do not cheap, you can not imagine only cheap; they rely mainly on assembly, since there are some consumers prefer cheaper then purchase a water purifier is assembled from the cheapest place related accessories, the final quality of the product is naturally imagine, such as water leakage, the machine appears to use a short time, filtered water still dirty from the previous filtration, etc., but it is not to mention the service, consumers basically after purchasing the right not contact the manufacturers, the market water purifier "orphan" is such a birth. It was also the first professional water purifier brand Quan Lu brand relevant person in charge: water purifier belong wading products, especially dealing with drinking water wading products, the state material for such products is expressly provided, shall be of food grade PVC material, such as bottled water problem before there are many unqualified bottled water is the main reason bucket filled with water quality standards, leading to water reach drinking water standards, water purifier in fact is the same, If the use of substandard materials purifier itself so buying is likely to be "dirty water" on, it is not covet cheap to buy a water purifier.


water purifier for now divided into two major categories of imported and domestic, imported brands are relatively more expensive, and consumers in the purchase of imported brands should require the production of documents related to import and export inspection , insiders have more word of mouth recommendation domestic imported brands are: 3M, Everpure, Dalton, Toray; domestic water purifier brand sure to check the brand health this document, it is best to national health Ministry official website to check, no health documents relating to the product as much as possible not to buy, there was good domestic water purifier brand Quan Lu, Patio, net of the spring, Angel, beauty, power source, etc.; in learned some good brand consumption You should also combine their own needs to buy water purifiers, such as family How many people usually water, home decor, is ready to install in what position, etc., to choose their own water purifier is a measure of water purifier What makes a good an important criterion.


In any case, the water purification industry must realize: this stage of the consumer, in fact, is to guide the industry since many years, in addition to water pollution incidents and bottled water quality problems frequently occur such as the role of external factors, they have spent a thought on the water purifier to understand, and also more recognized role in household water purifier water purifier in, you can say that this is the industrys "wealth" because heThey are "the reputation of" primitive accumulation, but also the water purification industry bigger and stronger "cornerstone", so the industry needs better treasure in the early stages of product development in this part of the customer resources.

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