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profits in the market, not in factories, many dealers confuse this relationship, everything is a problem in the upper reaches of his mind, their own fantasy big brand strength agents, advertising fried, low price , good policy, high rebate, gifts and more, these are some of the intended sale and less like the heavens opened fantasy owners dream, in fact, behind any bait a hook where are waiting for you, we might as mediocre and indeed, Barbara earnestly of the market to make a solid peace of mind, in fact, this change in market competition among, if you really recognize so clearly, that their efforts to immediately apply a little bit of resources, the support of such a purpose is not pure , manufacturers also do not like the dealer. We need to recognize their own in the future marketplace, to control the overall situation. Now I Based on years of market experience and analysis, business is good and bad business to make some difference dealers. We can control which type they belong to, will be able to self-reflection in order to find a market of their own works.

   Failed agent type analysis:

   1, support by manufacturers type

   manufacturers to support my purchase, I do not not support the purchase, manufacturers do support my activities, I do not not support the activities, I find support for wages clerk, I do not find the clerk does not support, factory support I ran and ran my business, I will not run without support. By his keywords.

   2, after-sales incapable type:

   he did not professional after-sales personnel, the most critical is that he did not understand the sale, the sale contract is not willing to others, for him, a little bit of small problems can become big problems, often blame manufacturers of quality defects, poor quality, said damper is factory tuned to appear prosperous are quality problems, is not willing to move their hands some adjustment. All day whining a lot.

   3, pie in the sky type:

   all day sitting in the shop, like white-collar workers, like to work, do not know the geometric changes in the market, selling two retail complacent one week, the whole Landlords day at the computer watching silly videos and news, keep thinking one day a big name brands that they can also make money. In fact, he did not know the brand is the need to accumulate, it is required cumulative.

   4, the market did not complain type:

   in his mouth often say that now the market is not goodAh, this is two years, not two years before the business is good, ah, ah no rain today, and now no one is busy, ah, ah no noon-day heat at night few people no one ah. In his mouth all day nagging negative, decadent, lazy speech signal. Only knew that he sighed, explore the market does not know the track.

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