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  [Dispute] healthy water purifier water machine VS Published: at 12:26 on October 7, 2017 Hits: 39 from 1987 Laoshan production of Chinas first bottle of mineral water started in 1995 Wahaha purified water was born, to the current water purifier and water purifier market, how to choose their own water purification equipment become a topic of debate. And although water purifiers and water treatment equipment belong to the same machine, but there are a lot of people often confuse them, I think they are similar, in fact, water purifier and water purifier is still some controversy. Mineral water VS containing demineralised water purifier works are "ultrafiltration membrane filtration art technology." The biggest advantage in removing harmful substances in water is at the same time, the water can effectively retain the natural minerals, purified water after filtration is not. Water machine works "in reverse osmosis membrane filtration technique." In theory, in addition to the "H2O" all other substances in the water can be filtered out (including mineral elements beneficial to human body calcium and magnesium ions, etc.). In fact, whether or not containing minerals to safe drinking water and there is no impact. Only a very small amount of trace elements in the human body from drinking water obtained as long as the daily life of a balanced diet, the trace element deficiencies without problems. Due to differences in water quality of the north and south is relatively large, so choose water machine water purifier is critical to be determined according to local water quality. VS acidic water alkaline water is well known that the human stomach is acidic, and therefore there is a business seized on the issue, the word "drinking alkaline water adjustable gastric pH," the slogan, but the fact that this statement is incorrect of! In fact, always in strong acid environment of the stomach, gastric acid is bactericidal, so that the stomach enzymes are active, and make the protein denaturation food, easy to break down and digest. The stomach enzymes belong acidophilus, a day very much acidic substances secreted by the stomach, no matter what will go in the water becomes acidic. Parahaemolyticus, Salmonella and other pathogenic microorganisms living environment is alkaline, imagine if the stomach become alkaline water, and it is to promote the growth of microorganisms. Human PH value between 7.0-7.4 neutral or weak alkaline Under normal circumstances, with the aging of human cells or illness, becomes acidic, the pH is still controlled in a certain range, outside people can not change basic or acidic PH value. The human body is a very sophisticated system, pH can not be easily changed in the systemIf it becomes too much acid acidosis, alkalosis becomes too alkaline, the worst case lead directly to death. Therefore, acidic or alkaline divided by the water quality is not scientific, compliance with water quality standards in order to impurities in the water and its quality to determine the extent of contamination of water quality. Of course, water purifier and water purifier filter drinking water PH values 鈥嬧€媤ere within the range of scientific standards for drinking water, they can decide when to buy is to buy pure water or water purifier according to their actual needs. Environmental VS is not environmentally friendly water purifiers generally do not use electricity, almost no waste water, it is more environmentally friendly low-carbon; water machine need electricity to use, there must be at least 50% of the waste water, so more waste, not environmentally friendly. After water purifier and water purifier contrast, they can see a clear distinction has its own advantages and disadvantages, so we must be more to understand at the time of purchase, communication, inquiry, to find a suitable for your water purification products. Previous: Multi-use water purification, drinking only to lose out

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