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   At present, With the improvement of environmental awareness and healthy living standards of our people, water purification industry into the fast lane of development, the number of brands have continued to increase. On the one hand, market competition among enterprises increasingly fierce water purifier; on the other hand, the brands rallying is also growing. For the moment water purifier enterprises, enhance their own strength is in many ways must, which is particularly important brand-building aspects of them.



   no-name brand water purifier enterprises many impediments exist

   water purification industry development in China for many years, is now under the influence of a series of internal and external factors the entire industry market homogenization of increasingly grim, in this case, the development of water purifier companies also face many challenges. Along with part of the no-name brand water purifier gradually increased, water purifier market environment began to complicated. Throughout the home building materials market, some dealers to start a brand-name product.

   heres no-name mainly refers to two aspects: one is the water purification industry dealers began selling a lot of brands; on the other hand is involved in other industries, distributors water purification products; multi-brand multi-industry marketing to maintain their livelihood. While this view may solve some immediate market downturn can drive marketing, but in the long run, damage the brand image and self-development, the motley crew eventually beat the regular army, the regular army will become a stepping stone for development.

   water purifier brand building needs to implement

   The reason why consumers choose the store to buy water purifiers, water purifiers because the store has kept consumer confidence. But if the water purifier brand-name dealers run to escape the pressure of the market, by the name of the brand franchise and solid sale of brand-name, so that consumers could save money at the time, but after use is easy to distinguish the good and bad, I think any consumers do not want to buy a substandard product. Dealers sell no-name acts, not only lose the trust of the enterprise also seriously affected the brand image and brand in the local credibility and reputation.

   water purifier business as a regulatory agency primarily responsible, if the dealer selling brand-name indulgent behavior is irresponsible for franchise dealers, it will lose the trust of dealers and users. Water purifier dealers sell brand-name once formed the habit will produce dependence, both in the event promotion or promotion channels are delusional at low prices to win market, the formation of aOne can only rely on low-cost brand-name building materials market occupies a vicious circle, in fact, is not a lucrative business selling brand-name. Name products of poor quality, after-sales and problems, increase the cost of services and credit facilities are unsustainable fuse.

   In the current competitive market process, the water purifier brand building must also be planning to do in the future of the industry reshuffle, the company only from the consumer point of view, the brand-building carried out, water purifier can really play a corporate brand influence to obtain consumers.

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