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   There are two water purification industry is widespread, one lot Shenzhen water purifier manufacturers often do not pay attention to the maintenance and old customers, resulting in a customer a dead; Second, many manufacturers are experiencing difficult investment Happening. These two phenomena of mass destruction is very large enterprise, Shenzhen water purifier manufacturers to survive and develop, we must make a profit, while the profits of manufacturers from the Agents delivery.

   Almost all of the water purifier manufacturers are developing new customers, the company set up a dedicated business unit. But very few manufacturers have customer center, responsible for the maintenance and old customers. According to my understanding, only the top ten brands of water purifiers Marco Polo has a dedicated customer center, handling customer issues. General manager of the company with particular emphasis on the old customers of maintenance and service.

   and old customers how important water purifier manufacturers, who presumably do business to know. But now people are sad that some manufacturers knew the importance of old customers, but do not pay attention to maintaining good old customers, old customers, even if lost, is still unmoved. Some factory managers, customers lost, do not reflect the manufacturers vulnerabilities, but then the clerk of work more than a dissatisfaction.

   water purifiers top ten brands Marco Polo has always attached great importance to the maintenance of the old customers, no matter how many new agents franchisees, Marco Polo to customers consistently. Because Marco Polo know that only stable customers, companies can develop smoothly, and the profit that nature is a natural thing. Marco Polo colleagues want to say, water purifier investment so it can not "grass is always greener," more important than raising business investment.

   only with more like-minded venture capitalists to create a better future together to purify every corner of the world and work hard. Marco Polo practitioners for many years and has accumulated a lot of effective ways and means of maintaining old customers, will share to you the following:

   a: Maintain old customers, manufacturers can develop more incentives, such as quantity discounts, giveaways, program guidance and so on; and often and agents to communicate and maintain good rapport and harmonious atmosphere. What is not small favors for manufacturers, but in terms of the agents is a kind of friendship.

   II: Special customers special treatment, some agents over the completion of the task brings a higher profit margin, some agents for companies with a more long-term strategic significance. Therefore, water purifier manufacturers have to be broken down according to the agencys own value and profitabilityCustomers, and pay close attention to high-value customers, to ensure that special services and treatment they can get deserve, so that they become loyal customers of manufacturers.

   III: systematic solutions, not just stay in the play money and shipping agents, to take the initiative for them a tailor-made system solutions for the (agencys many difficulties problems), care and support in a broader range of customers to develop, enhance customer sales skills, or to explore new customers and sales channels, increase sales increase performance.

   four: in-depth communication with customers, to prevent misunderstandings. Good at listening to customer comments and suggestions, complaints and after-sales service to establish the appropriate channels of communication to encourage dissatisfied customers advice, the timely processing of customer dissatisfaction, and respect and understanding from the customer perspective, the customers position to think about the problem, a positive , warm and timely manner. But also understand the customer follow up and take positive and effective remedies.

   V: water purifier manufacturers to build a loyal salesman, the continuous training service personnel. Loyal employees to be able to bring loyal customers. Sales success is to keep existing customers and expansion from new customers, so that more and more sales, more sales in view of a problem. Therefore, the Shenzhen water purifier manufacturers to maintain customer loyalty must also proceed from the clerk.

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