Water purifier prospects- Why waturifican walk into ten mill

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   water purifier originally from the US development, the rise of a new American revolution drinking water industry to let people understand the seriousness of the pollution of drinking water, drinking water is clean and healthy peoples basic pursuit of life.

   say water purifier a "foreign stuff" newcomers to our country can cause huge social repercussions, and gradually evolved soil instead of imported cost, "domestic brand" sit tight in the domestic market, many of them support multiple causes. Why water purifier wind development in our country for 20 years is still a sunrise industry? Why to the future market value of 500 billion profit margins have been identified experts to the next level air-conditioning industry?


   water pollution of drinking water resources irreversible terminal crisis of the current legislation

   global water pollution for all to see. Water pollution our country is shocking. This year, my country Ministry of Land and Groundwater report issued six years, warning the world: North China is no longer a class of groundwater. Do not say "profit" putting the word ignore the environment, and even the destruction of resources for treatment. Irreversible pollution, human beings suffer. Each contaminated areas prone diseases, cancer has become my countrys new rural village, water pollution arising from malignant disease has a long incubation period, and so slow the spread of pathogens. 80% of the global burden of disease from water pollution. The environmental crisis facing the water, if the overall governance of the recovery will take time, it will undoubtedly save water purifiers of drinking water safety expectations terminal.

   traditional way of drinking water "dark side" to bring health exposure purifier dawn

   Let me talk about tap water. Way into the beginning of human civilization, access to water has always been dependent on unsolicited. To bring scientific and technological development of water treatment technology, water became the citys main water supply, the water distribution, the more the longer made. Water treatment technology to meet the water for human consumption, lack of water can not meet human health. Chlorine hazards, pipeline contamination, scale, people always pursue the road to health is little risk.

   Besides bottled water. The rise of bottled water so that the water suffered a certain degree of impact. Also because of the water, "unhealthy" and was accepted bottled water, because of the industry, the product itself vulnerabilities and dangerous. "Sinister barrel" "black water", "secondary pollution" and so let the bottled water market began a downward trend. This year more exposure to the issue of water quality door double water bottles, bottled water face into a cusp.

   tap water, bottled water have lostUnder the environment, water purifiers have sprung up everywhere, carrying high-precision physical purification technology, adsorption, filtration, disinfection, mineralization and other professional terms to create a new era of healthy drinking water terminal. At least, with water purifiers, water does give a multi-terminal "purification step."

   healthy living high standards of health consciousness that increase

   With the improved living standards of citizens, international cultural and economic interaction, peoples living standards in my country and gradually increase. From the pursuit of food and clothing, to enjoy life. Most people pursue quality of life, attention to health is increasing. Careful attention, in recent years, major television stations have had health, health and other types of programs, training of health awareness, promote universal health. When natural resources can not meet their health needs, people will want outside help to help themselves get better and healthy environment, physical and mental. Water purifier is one that "external forces." By purification filters to help purify drinking water public terminal again, and strive to achieve the required standards of human "healthy water" - this is many consumers of water purifiers universal awareness and expectations. Therefore, the water purifier market can continue sells several years stationed in major appliance stores, and "water appliances" category has become the focus of attention.

   Up to now the water purifier market share in Europe and other countries, 70%, 80%, while only 3% in my country. On our existing water industry in 3000 to pay more enterprises are concerned, a 3% market share of this attractive market represents not only profit, but also represents the brutal competition. The above three points can know, water purifier in my countrys development is necessary and inevitable, my countrys water purification industry also needs time to settle and complete brand industrialization.

   (Source: China Energy Industry Network)

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