[Alert] 60% of the disease actually related to indoor air po

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In recent years, the living conditions of citizens has been greatly improved, but the indoor environment issues counterparts are but the trend of deterioration. According to relevant survey, about human diseases and indoor air pollution related to Liu Cheng, and the incidence is increasing. So, for indoor air pollution, we need to be wary of what it?


wary of a study most likely to "spill" formaldehyde


responsible for this College of environmental Science and Engineering, survey data and statistical analysis of Zhongshan University associate professor Shujuan told reporters, in different interior functional areas, levels of air contamination are not the same.


survey shows that formaldehyde and TVOC on two main indicators, the degree of contamination of residential buildings were to be higher than 36 offices and 42 percentage points; while in the residential, study and bedroom of formaldehyde rate than higher living room and kitchen, the study of which exceeded the rate of the highest, reaching 66.22%. The reason for this result is that small study space, more books, and often use a variety of sheet metal and paint and adhesives, ventilation is not as living room and kitchen.


vigilance second air humidity turbidity


Experts said that in addition to the construction, decoration and furniture 3 large main cause of indoor air pollution, outdoor environment and air humidity also affect an important aspect of the degree of contamination of the indoor air, the findings showed that the indoor humidity at 70% to 79%, the indoor air TVOC pollution is serious; and when the humidity is above 80% formaldehyde in indoor air content is generally relatively high.


vigilance three green materials have contaminated


Environmental experts suggested that in the home decoration, luxury decoration and should try to avoid excessive decoration. Because, even all using environmentally friendly materials, it does not mean there is no pollution, but only that the pollution index of these materials is lower than the national standard. If in a certain space, excessive use of these materials, because of the cumulative effect will lead to excessive pollution of the air quality.


Consumers Association experts reminded the public through the purchase of housing and renovationProcess, should choose products with environmental certification and inspection do the materials approach, especially test of granite stone. Do not buy out of the product, such as polyvinyl alcohol, sodium silicate interior wall paint. In the renovation process, pay attention to keep proof of the force of law.


In short, the clean air is essential for life and health, in particular indoor air quality and peoples health are closely related. Therefore, purchase an air purifier for your home, but also to provide a guarantee for the health of your family. A

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