White business can not ignore ththrewater purification agent

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   import water purification agents has been more and more optimistic about the inevitable choice for entrepreneurs of the future development of the water industry.

   water purification agents not only cost savings, there are also well-branded channels to boost the agency to succeed in business.

   water purification agents is a very relaxed business model. Independent entrepreneurs must be "knowledgeable" than become a water purifier agents had not even require relevant work experience and knowledge, even if it is white water purifier lack of knowledge and there is no market experience, your water purifier brands also We will fully support you, like care of seedlings, like, trying to make you grow into towering trees.

   Although water purification agents for experience, knowledge threshold requirement is not too high, but if you want to become a water purification agents, or at least need to be screened for brands. As a reminder entrepreneurs who want to do water purification agents, business risk, choice is very important. Here are three important water purification agents Note:

   1, study the ins and outs brands.

   water purification agents is the headquarters of the agency brand water purification products. Headquarters tricky, agent activity is legitimate formal. Water purifier market development for so many years, the emergence of a large number of trusted brand manufacturers, but also the breeding ground for many of the "industry molecular disorder" - fake brands.

   entrepreneur must fieldwork ins and outs of brands, through various channels to learn more about the brands legitimacy. Today, traffic information channels and the Internet is well developed, but all entrepreneurs to study carefully, can more or less figure out the ins and outs of background water purifier brands.

   2, there are no agency fees tricky.

   Headquarters fees are generally three different types, including agency fees, premiums and deposits. Be sure to talk carefully, and pay way Also note that the annual payment or a quarter of pay, or what kind, should be explained in the contract, but also to understand that part of the fee is not returned, the agent is selected brands good time than to avoid being pit.

   3, product supply price. After

   become agents, in order to avoid conflict with brands on the supply price, should be negotiated before signing a contract, and drop a word in the text. In general, imported water purifier brand headquarters will ask the agent stores must keep up the headquarters of purchase, not privately purchase, which is the headquarters and agentsThe main point of the border dispute. Some water purification agents tend to believe that the headquarters of the high price, so before this type of cooperation are specific issues should be settled down word text. Water purification agents do not initialed the contract for the easy way, but must be the only practical way to establish relations of cooperation after the final issues to sort out future cooperation.

   items imported water purification agents also need to look at a lot. Generally speaking, do water purification agents, only truly understand and execute brand strategys instructions in order to receive good results - to believe in the brands owned by the hardware and software resources reserves and the ability to support agents.

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