Water purification industry in the future development of fiv

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   Water is a necessity of human life, but with the rapid economic development, water quality of the environment but has gradually declined. Through a variety of aspects of our daily drinking water to reach home, inevitably there will be secondary pollution, water purifier installation is necessary. The development trend of water purifiers is how the future of the water purifier market what will happen? Here to introduce you in detail the development of the water purifier five key words.


   With the shared economic development, in the water purification industry has also set off a wave of sharing, sharing water purifier models and shared bicycle business model is basically the same: an investment company by the Internet money to buy large quantities of water purifier on the market, so that consumers do not spend money to buy a water purifier, as long as a year to pay a service fee, you can have an intelligent things purifier. Consumers can phone to receive a variety of things water purifier intelligent information provided, including information on all kinds of water purifiers and water quality performance indicators and other safety information.


   In the context of consumer consumption upgrade and transformation, intelligent gradually become a trend and direction of water purification appliance market. Intelligent people are increasingly willing to pay for life science and technology, water purifiers stores began introducing products and intelligent smart home decoration packages, to seek more water purifier brand multifaceted cooperation, embarked on intelligent roads. "Smart" has become, it is one of the hot words of concern this year, the water purification industry people expect home life.

   the whole house custom

   The entire whole house water purification system generally includes a pre-filter, central water, a water softener and the central terminal drink straight, and if the full selection of the water purifier if the house can be customized solutions based on household water use, water quality family and home decoration layout of freely selected water purifiers, water purifiers to make a good distribution without affecting the way in home improvement experience, enhanced home improvement experience.

   environmental protection

   this year, the water purification industry finally out of the new regulations, new standards, since then water purification products also focus on "saving", "green." The bill issuance can be said that the water purification industry event that promotes the reform of the water industry, many low-end water purification products phased out, enterprises face closure.

   New retail

   different from the traditional retail new retail, it is to rely on the network through the use of new technologies, large data, means of artificial intelligence applications, the online and offlineUnder the Logistics open up retail model integration. With the new retail penetration in various industries, from the beginning of last year, many companies began to test the water purifier new retail, take the road under the convergence of online and offline, logistics cooperation, the use of artificial intelligence, improve the user experience and so on, have accelerated the rapid growth of new retail model of clean water appliances, water purification industry has also begun to explore new kinds of retail.

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