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   e-commerce microcomputer technology and network communications technology, e-commerce refers to the chivalry of the major online shopping platform in the shop to sell their products, but Xiao Bian think it should be the perfect integration of e-commerce and e-commerce. In particular, our water purifier e-commerce, electronic technology in your support to carry out business activities to improve their competitiveness, a strong competitive advantage.

   do fine management and analysis is very important

   dealers to do, certainly every month to analyze your business situation. And do e-commerce, especially in water purification products online sales, the degree of precision is very important to be specific to the weekly, even daily. Sales trend forecasting and accounting, according to past sales data and experience to accounting, to arrive at each store, even every situation salesman to do a good job adjusting the volume and cost analysis. As prices fell 5 percent, to reach the number of sales, in order to maintain the same margin, which is the empirical analysis manager.

   Xiao Bian encountered such an example, an electricity supplier has opened two stores, the average store about a month to sell 50 single, A shop, B shop in 2010, when earnings are of. But in 2011, B stores can still sell 50 machines a month, the state, but because the price is relatively low, flat operating in the state. So the business decisively turned off the B shop. After switched off, a chain reaction occurred. First, the original two stores are selling an average of 100 machines per month, with a two installers. There is only one shop, on sales of only 50 units, and reduce the workload of installers, we can only quit a repairman. A month ago from the manufacturers to enter 100 goods, now only a month into 50 units, manufacturers say, you sell 50 units a shop, to find another proxy and you do this market together. No way, he can only agree. After

   six months, due to the decline in the installation, the installer resigned, I had to re-recruit people. In this case, the other manufacturers to develop a network of business quickly done, and he dropped to the customer directly to the secondary supplier. At this point, there is no electricity business value advantage, gross profit declined slowly, A shop is also a loss. In fact, this is a vicious cycle.

   Thus, when we analyze shop, to see the surface of B stores, although not profitable, but the customer is contributing to, the surface of each month just to look at itYou bring 50 customer value, in fact, clean water also need to install and service, so there is the potential value of the second purchase.

   This case involves the management of information technology, including a lot of data analysis, such as customer price, growth rates, the value of the contribution of each customer, the customers activation rate. Taking into account the future market development, management and analysis must be done more refined. For example, a year before the customer, a year later, how many people continue to use; the average price this year than last year rose or fell, why the rise, particularly because why the decline of water purification products, accessories cartridge, some not standardized? and therefore the management of the inventory is very important to control the speed of inventory turnover and cash flow in order to achieve profitability.

   to find advantages, find a path for their own e-commerce.

   seems very low threshold for e-commerce, in fact, is also high. We want to know what their strengths is the place to have the advantage of a good job, to find a path for their own e-commerce. The first is the B2C e-commerce; the second is the customer support service is through service to bring the secondary sales.

   through the integration of three networks, has made a unique competitive advantage. Here is the client, the above three networks, is the first service network, the second is the distribution network, and the third is the Internet, the three networks are mutually become carriers.

   adhere very important

   do e-commerce and electronic products, water purification, very important to adhere to long-term to invest. Such as Jingdong Mall, is initially free shipping, if it is to do strategic loss, then the outset a good plan. Water treatment products to do the biggest difference is the quality of the environment of each place is different, different customer needs, which is a bottleneck. With products for the installation, air conditioning installation company has a lot, there are many installers, because the air conditioning service is standardized services. The different water treatment products, starting with low consumer awareness, followed by use of the environment is complex. Water purification product is not a popular product, comparable poor.

   In doing e-commerce, more emphasis on the concept of a water purification consultant. In front of customers, he is a water purifier of professional advisers, not just sell products.

   problem in water purification industry experienced the largest e-commerce, and every aspect of the problem is different, so a lot of things did notThere are for reference and object references, you must own to explore. If the customer requirements with a cargo installation, customer received the goods and then some on-site installation, but get the goods sometimes happens shortage of spare parts. This happens, small manufacturers recommend a sticker affixed at the time of shipment, marked "If a customer open the package itself, there are accessories incomplete, the customer is responsible for themselves." If you do not open, they come up by us.

   Currently e-commerce industry is still experiencing problems and imperfections poorer consumer experience a sense of the logistics system. Plus some electricity providers do fake, parallel shocks, leading to more customer complaints, also affected the rapid spread of e-commerce. Therefore, adherence is very important. From the logistics point of view, we should stick with specialized partners, and even ensure fifty-six city can achieve. Meanwhile else involved in price competition, and more emphasis on gifts to go and quality, especially the quality of services and stick to it.

   flexibility is more important

   traditional enterprise or online agents usually have some concerns when doing e-commerce. Therefore, when doing e-commerce, we should have a full understanding of e-commerce, and to do work under the convergence line. Whether manufacturers or distributors, e-commerce due to the compression distribution costs, thus requiring more flexible on price.

   At present, 100 million water purification Direct 19 cities, more than 300 engineers, are their own services. Usually, we will be in accordance 2 to 3 times of peak sales to staffing, but too much if exceeded, can only be coordinated around the city come together to solve. In fact, installation services also need to be flexible, if in Shanghai to do a TV shopping, sales amounted to 600 units, Shanghais engineers are impossible to complete the service very good job. At this time, we will deploy staff to other cities over the country. Therefore, it is important to based on sales dynamic control and deployment of personnel. TV shopping or projects In case of large-scale promotional activities.

   in the footsteps of the fast-paced society, many consumers often do not have enough time to go to the store to buy products, online shopping consumers to quickly become the way most white-collar workers to buy daily necessities. Whether it is from their own development strategies to deal with competitors or from the point of view, water purifier manufacturers should increase investment in electronic business platform, in personnel and management strength allows, you can set up a special e-commerce department to be responsible operation of the entire electricity supplier channels.

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