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In daily life, people put furniture have a certain stress, for example, bed not toward the door, a mirror in front of the bed and so can not even put our common dispenser is taboo Oh, drinking fountains whether to put the office or at home, are all primary school ask, do not issue related to feng shui ignored.


First, the office water dispenser on how to put


Suitable: Zoom door imported at a diagonal or hall bit


For the office, the more prudent swing recommendations put position at a diagonal imports in the door, there is generally a quiet place, easy to drink, rest, and here is around the corner, easy to maneuver place, conducive to communication between people, the better promote the harmonious atmosphere combined company group. In addition, traditional feng shui recorded at the main entrance of the diagonal is the fiscal position, water-related items placed in this, can improve luck.


hall bit may, hall bit generally refers to the translation direction of the entrance, where the dispenser is placed in front of the biggest advantages come to more convenient, efficient reception tea, to give the home visitors feeling, can improve the contacts, elegant and easy to get help, encouraging business dealings. Simply to position determination, general Feng Shui believe that water-related items placed in the north is more appropriate, and placed in a southwest direction, it is conducive to womens fortunes in the southeast direction also can enhance the wealth of the East to men help large, and there is easy good, bad crossing phenomenon in the South.


taboo: should not be placed in facing the doorway. Traditional feng shui believe the door straight into the water dispenser, easy to shock wealth.


Second, how to put the familys drinking


Suitable: living room door imported at a diagonal


drinking the best placement in the living room, the same It is placed at a diagonal door imports better. In feng shui theory, here it is the location of the home in the fiscal position, the water and the main financial, just had their home to help the owner of the wealth. In addition, the dispenser is best placed against a wall and airy.


taboo: not from air coolers, air conditioners, fans too. Should not be in the kitchen or bedroom.


Air coolers, air conditioners, fans and other appliances, have a strong airflow that comes out, will affect drinking water, strengthening the instability of wealth, so far better.


In addition, the dispenser should not be in the kitchen. This room is the land of water and fire both the economy and the limited area, drinking fountains into them, believe there will be a negative impact in the case of relatively stove, five elements g, it will inevitably have a masters health, fortune and so on. While the bedroom as a place to rest, put the appliance as possible, they are not to let radiation appliances adverse effects on the human body. A

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