Water purifier market ushed in new opportunities with innova

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   + Internet era, no intelligent things together you "LWO explosion" of the. With artificial intelligence and increasingly respected of things, we have all walks of life into them, but the smart water purifier research and development is booming. According to incomplete statistics, the national water purifier manufacturers have more than 3,000 on the market water purifier brand and range up to thousands.

   The PRC, according to estimates, from January to April 2017, retail sales of water purification equipment market 4.072 million units, up 8.7%, retail sales of 10.36 billion yuan, an increase of 17.5%. The overall situation is good, the market door open, the potential is considerable, industry will also be accompanied by the advance of industrialization and further outbreaks, to develop in depth.

   However, we found that there are many consumer experience pain points of traditional water purifiers, such as difficult to install, difficult to replace the filter, the filter effect is invisible, waste water and more water storage tank Chen Shui secondary pollution problems, so that the consumer who is more eager to get one to be able to solve the problem, have both the advantages of a good product.

   In the context of the development of industry and consumer blowout upgrade, a few days ago, cloud technology introduced V1 meter water purifier at the Shanghai International Exhibition of water, the product of invention and innovation with 10 large consumers subversion of the traditional water purifier cognitive redefine water purification products.

   reported that the water purifier in the cloud-meter V1 product design at the beginning, they have to achieve control pollution from the source, developed using the full range of non-pressure storage tank, to avoid secondary bacterial contamination. Clouds meters and offer whole house water purification solutions, including pre-filter, central water, central water softener, and other end of drinking water, water for the comprehensive protection of family health.

   cloud meter technology CEO Chen Xiaoping,

   high-quality consumer experience, mainly based businesses to provide consumers with products, services, in other words, water purification companies need to accurately grasp the consumer demand. In this regard, cloud-meter-founder CEO Chen Xiaoping said that cloud-meter want to change the current status quo through innovation, allowing users to worry and effort to make water purification products. Three years, with the cloud 428 patents meters, water purifiers re invention. A series of innovative products to subvert the user awareness of traditional water purifier, and with 10 big invention to solve the ills water industry for many years, completely solve the users pain points.

   Water is the source of life, health present. Despite the current domestic water purification industry with the national penetration rate of home water purifier with EuropeRatio, there is still the problem of low consumer acceptance, but I believe that cloud-meter V1 purifier with advanced technology, standardized management, more accurate user experience, will one day make a water purifier and a TV, fridge and so, like, spread to every family.

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