The popularity of water purification- whole housweruficion a

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   Our daily water consumption in fact the entire family is relatively large, so only at the display of the whole house water purifier. Whole house water filter is installed in the water inlet pipe at the total family, in order to achieve water purification for the whole family.

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   The whole house water purification and sewage classification method

   The whole house water purifiers Category

   From the technical point of view the main current ultrafiltration technology the central water purifier, the accuracy of 0.01 m, the water can be completely filtered out of the molecular level of harmful impurities, such as albumin, bacterial, gel, carbon black, colloidal silica, etc., purification of domestic water quality standard is much higher than the national standard.

   from the enclosure materials, there are two types of stainless steel and earthenware, this depends on the preferences of their friends; Collection of horizontal and vertical two categories, relatively horizontal central water purifier only ultrafiltration simple structure, so the price is a lot cheaper, in addition to vertical central water purification ultrafiltration also increases the activated carbon adsorption, precipitation of quartz sand, clean water color and taste has improved a lot, the price will be expensive several times, and suggested friends, choose a vertical central water purifier in serious pollution, bleach taste hit areas.

   recommend that you friends behind in the north central water softener plus a central, north high water hardness, water softener can reduce the water hardness softening, the softened water or whether the laundry wash have a lot of good, such as the dry clothes should be soft, especially for the skin better, female friends pay attention Oh!

   the method of sewage central water purifier

   must be central water purifier sewage washing, can not be ignored, because the membrane is actually a rejection of harmful substances in tap water, if a long time without cleaning backwash, on the one hand ultrafiltration membrane clogging, on the other hand is to reduce the purified water quality, resulting in results It may be caused by mechanical failure.

   sewage is very simple, there are basically two types: a horizontal central water purifier, a discharge port is connected to the discharge end of the discharge valve, used 5 days (see particularly local water quality and water , the best advice good local store) about 10 minutes washed once opened, even if the work is complete the sewage; two, vertical central water purifier, using multi-path control valve, i.e., rotating the handle to flush gear may, each about 10 minutes after the completion of the sewage friends will find that the sewage water is how "Terrible ", it is from our tap water.

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