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   for water purification agents, in the case of the urban market has been fully occupied, the development of the rural market has unparalleled advantages, however, in order to open the market to market agents still faces many problems.



   One problem: rural consumption will be weak

   a number of my countrys population, nearly 60 percent of the population distribution in rural areas. Our so-called domestic demand, the so-called urban and rural economy, in fact, refers to the overall consumer demand, and the sum of these demands head allocated to people when you will find, in fact, per capita consumption level in rural areas is still relatively weak. Not only for the villagers personal household income, rural and urban household income is very difficult in comparison. Consumer spending is weak, became a water purifier agents to join in developing the rural market, the primary problem.

   Second problem: farmers widely distributed, large sales more difficult

   Chinese population although many, but in rural areas, population distribution is quite fragmented. If you want to join the agency to carry out water purification business in rural areas, we should first solve the transportation problem. Moreover, due to the cultural quality of rural population, the franchisee should make more DVS propaganda, focusing on the villagers understand the importance of water pollution and water around health, and the need to buy water purifier.

   Three problems: drinking water safety awareness is not strong

   As rural drinking water safety awareness is not strong, so it is necessary to step up publicity efforts, of course, this in conjunction with the local pollution situation of the villagers micro terrorist propaganda color, so that the villagers fully aware of the importance of healthy drinking water.

   In short, water purification agents to join in order to truly explore and occupation of the rural market, we must first solve the three problems.

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