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   In recent years, as the slowdown in the speed of my countrys economic development, economic development has entered a new normal, the performance increase as consumer demand for branded products, and rational consumption concept more and more obvious. Water purification industry in my country has developed more than three decades, has spent the beginning of the embryonic period in the market, understanding and awareness of water purifier more and more deeply. Water purifier enterprises are to succeed, we must seize this market opportunity, successful transition.




What is the water purification industry "new normal" Why have not you succeed? (Photo from Internet)

   water purifier business transformation and upgrading need to recognize their own problems

   For many companies, 2015 was a transformational change in it. Since the "new normal" concept put forward, the development of many companies are beginning to move closer to the era of hot words, which as a traditional home building industry in the development of relatively mature industry, water purification industry even more so. In the new normal stimulation, transformation and upgrading also has become one of the strategic direction of the water purifier business.

   In recent years, the water purification industry growth rate gradually slowed down, but the market environment has been changing, as traditional industry, water purification industry transformation and upgrading is imperative. Although my country water purifier industry has broad prospects for development, but the water purifier enterprises should also see many problems and challenges currently facing the development process: there are still a considerable gap in terms of quality, brand, efficiency and production levels. At the same time faced with the overall efficiency of the industry is not high, innovation is not strong and other issues.

   water purifier enterprises to cope with the new situation needs to change to enhance the strength

   In this regard, insiders pointed out that, in times of both opportunities and challenges, the current water purification industry to actively transfer mode, adjust the structure; actively promote scientific and technological innovation as an important support business transformation and upgrading; active and innovative standards, leading the development of the industry and the promotion of water purification industry to do good, bigger, and stronger. In the economy entered a new normal circumstances, water purifier companies must actively respond to new challenges.

   On the one hand, to conduct technological innovation. To support the transformation and upgrading of technological innovation purifier industry, water purification is through the increase of production, the application of technology and equipment research and development, to promote industrial upgrading. Water purifier enterprises should take the initiative to adapt to the market environment, pay close attention to the transformation and upgrading, focusing on innovation and development of technological innovationNewly trained more powerful core competitiveness, product innovation and open markets more open to innovation management bring more gratifying vitality in the face of adversity continue to grow and develop.

   On the other hand, to hold together for development. In the increasingly fierce competition in the market water purifier background, water purifier enterprises should strengthen the development of confidence and concerted efforts to strengthen cooperation and mutual help. In addition to the foundation, water purifier companies give full play to the role of the market players, but also to guide this "invisible hand" with good government, as always, to create a hard environment and soft environment for the survival and development of water purifier enterprises, water purifier enterprises to upgrade and grow a good strong backing.

   in front of transformational change of trend, the development of water purifier companies also must not do step by step, the only appropriate to make adjustments according to the situation, and find direction for their own development in a changing market environment in order in usher in a new wave of change in the development of the situation.

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