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In recent years, my countrys rapid development of water purification industry, from the edge of obscurity industry became the most popular hot industry, mainly due to the awakening of the peoples awareness of healthy drinking water, and water pollution intensified. Rapid development of water purification industry, its products sufficient to meet the drinking water needs of different families, water purifier brands on the market are too numerous. In fact, water purifier, as a consumable product, the market can be regarded as infinite, and thus the water industry is known as the public economy "industrial water purification industry in the 21st century the most investment!"

   [123 ] brand water purifier gradual advance, more than three thousand water purifier water purifier brand on the market had to face a brutal competition, survival of the fittest is imperative. As the water industry entry barrier is low, the lack of mandatory national standards and industry self-regulation is not strong, the product is uneven, cohabitation, made some friends send agents to join with emotion: water purifier manufacturers really hard to find. A sense of absolute water purifier manufacturers difficult to find, but for themselves, not necessarily hard to find manufacturers relatively good, the key to identify the law.


   In fact, manufacturers are joining agents selected by the rules to follow, there are rules to follow, generally worth joining agent excellent water purifier manufacturers will have the following eight criteria:


   enterprises are very a high degree of professional


   social division of labor in todays more sophisticated, more and more high quality requirements, a technically competent, professional body-business, dealers manufacturers choose the first condition. "No product marketing era" is over, the product into the "quality school" era. Water purification industry in this attractive prospect, for example, attract a lot of traditional small appliances, solar energy, kitchen and other health manufacturing companies, their professionalism is debatable.


   brand of sustainable development




   I am sure the 2008 financial crisis still fresh, not the number of manufacturing companies in this financial turmoil, many dealers friends in case he did not fall, the self-employed brand companies have ceased to exist, the result is self-evident. Many small and medium sized domestic water purifier manufacturers, anti-risk ability is poor, only a lot of domestic trade enterprises in the relatively poor performance of the situation for several months, is in danger of collapse, and even individual companies are forced forced on to find venture capital situation.


   manufacturers marketing area


   water purificationBrand, in the country there is no absolute brand at all. Which companies can not do in a short time reputation everywhere in the country, but the region must do is king. To have carried out a unique brand of publicity and promotion support in a certain area, and made a lot of shopping malls selling the leading case. As long as the dealer has a vision and wrist, will be able to expand regional leader.


   manufacturers cooperation in support of policy


   water purification industry, the traditional extensive management and operation has been far from meeting todays market environment and situation, the channel is the key terminal sales, awakened intensive, common operation of the market, this is the most favorable conditions for the dealer, but also the most cooperative support guaranteed.


   management training support


   manufacturer to the dealer by a systematic and professional training support (management, sales, service, expertise, etc.), the dealers development and achieve win-win The basics. For this reason, a lot of water purifier brands have opened a sales management training, inviting water purifier industry sales leader for teaching the elite, more actual combat.


   product differentiation and specialization


   on the water purifier market product homogeneity is more and more obvious. A product is not unique selling proposition, producing alienation core selling point, is like a man without thinking, no personality, others, naturally, not pro-gaze and end-user market recognition.


   after-sales service team


   service is the second sale, "and" secondary sales "meaning far greater than the" first sale "," secondary sales "can not only get greater profits, but also can get more information, firmly locking the customer base, increase brand loyalty.


   mode of operation should be clear


   manufacturers have no mode of operation of the professional market program, there is no assigned regional economic or professional guidance and auto transports enough market support, which is a basic business policy issues of operation of the market, every dealer friends are very pure: followed by a confused market manufacturers are doing can not be successful, it is impossible to make money.


   if you want to enter the water purifier industry, they must keep their eyes open, select the Korean music is a trusted brand of water purifier to join , will become the new force of the water purification industry, promote universal health drinking life.


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