Stainless steel cup how to distinguish between good and bad

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   we can not do without water is the source of life, the water at the same time, we also need to pay attention to choose water storage appliances, people generally will choose the cup, but choose stainless steel cup is relatively common.




we often drink water, drink water when we will often use the cup, when drink hot water, often choose to have a stainless steel cup insulation performance. So what kind of drink cups safest too! Cup when we must note that the choice of stainless steel cup must pay more attention, now available in stainless steel cups used are 304 food grade stainless steel produced by the process, for the children as well as pregnant women and the elderly have some advantages. But how do we go to pick stainless steel cup? Here, please, to find out more about how to distinguish between good and bad stainless steel cup.


First: mug holding time is generally 2 hours, and vacuum cup 6 to 12 hours, so long holding time cup buy, buy if the vacuum cup, to a regular store to buy, buy Please look for security label, the vacuum cups but relatively expensive, the price is generally higher than $ 30.


Second: vacuum insulation properties Simple identification method: The water was poured into the lid or cork is screwed clockwise mug 2-3 minutes after touching the surface of the cup apart from the body, if the cup body significantly the warming phenomenon, indicating that the product has lost vacuum, can not achieve good insulation effect.


Third: sealing performance recognition method: After addition of water, stopper and tighten in a clockwise direction in the cup lid, the cup flat on the table, should leakage anhydrous; lid and the cup screwed mouth should be flexible, there is no gap.


Fourth: Plastic identification method: Characteristics of the new food-grade plastic is a low odor, bright surface, burr-free, long life aging. It features common plastic or recycled plastic are odor large, dark color, burrs and more easily broken plastic easy to aging.


Fifth: stainless steel simple identification method: Many stainless steel material specifications, mainly as a standard 304 stainless steel, wherein the stainless steel 18/8 indicates that this composition contains 18% chromium, 8% nickel, to achieve this standard the material, in line with national standards of green food-grade products, rust and corrosion. Ordinary stainless steel cup dark color and white presentation, if placed in a concentration of 1% saline soak for 24 hours would rust was generated, itSome elements contained excessive, directly endanger human health drinking water. Among


water is actually somewhat luxurious, we choose the family drinking little knowledge of the process, we must understand to choose the cup, the cup different effects on our bodies cause will be different . Here we suggest that you do not select those poor mug, so that the body will cause some harm, will also affect their own health, but also cause a threat to his family, choose a healthy mug, can make the disease go away body, but also to ensure the health of their families.




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