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   At present, with the continuous development of the Internet industry, the huge development potential of big data gradually been excavated. Nowadays more and more companies are turning to large water purification finding data transformation, hope to achieve contrarian breakthrough with the advantage of big data. For water purifier enterprises, science and technology in the era of big data has the advantage of irresistible, but before using a large data also need to do a good job planning.


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   Internet age caused no small impact on enterprise development water purifier

   Throughout the current water purifier market nowadays it is in the "Internet +" era of the Internet as if everyone has an anxiety disorder, big data, cloud computing and other IT technologies vigorous for so many years, to the enterprise in the end mean what kind of plans and actions. With the development of the Internet, water purifier companies began to enter a new phase. Water purifier business change is that many companies are aware of the problem, but specifically how to do a lot of business whom headache.

   Insiders believe that:. "IT within the enterprise as a construction management tool, gradually moved to the front yard on the one hand to face the structural transformation of labor in the new normal, need to use more scientific IT workforce management tools humane management; on the other hand from a product point of view, how to focus on value-added products to improve the experience of end users fully involved, FMCG has become the only option for enterprises to adapt to the times of blue moon IT department, has started from the back. repairman side towards the front end of product design, before a real product out, to use IT technology to meet user experience and participate in interactive become the new standard. "

   big data can help purifier companies achieve multi-level upgrade [ 123]

   modern technology with each passing day, the big data trend is unstoppable, with the gradual popularization of cloud computing, in-depth promotion of the use of mobile networks, large data is greater and faster development. Based on these platforms become workforce management trends, such as water purifiers wider range of enterprise computing management staff through the cloud, employees use mobile phones and other mobile terminals, or other social media groups to participate in attendance, scheduling, performance management and other activities in the past, achieve more efficient work, all of which are large workforce management data to provide a more efficient and timely, more detailed and specific information, but also data services to large workforce management becomes simple, easy and feasible.

   NewUnder normal economic restructuring, demographic dividend and Lewis turning point, Internet + ...... In short the future is full of variables, labor management is also to broader, deeper expansion, treat employees the way the world is changing, technological innovation and ways of thinking change is reshaping the business environment. In the constantly changing world, the only change is the norm, and therefore all the technology should produce both customer service and experience oriented.

   In terms of workforce management, water purifier business have to accept labor costs continue to rise, Workforce Diversity, young and advances in technology and other challenges, managers need to transition from the corporate culture, employment patterns, management innovation etc. to deal with, which is the opportunity for it, hoping to together with the Chinese Academy of labor experts and scholars, as a model enterprise innovation, management of change and create practical value.

   Despite the tremendous development advantages big data is becoming increasingly apparent in the age of technology, but want to really play the potential of big data, also need to do a good job in planning before development, only strategizing, water purifier business before winning a thousand miles.

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