Water purification agents to join the fourrap you fall into

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   With the rapid development of the water industry, more and more dealers are choosing to join the water purifier business. However, there are some unscrupulous companies to seize the water purifier water purifier market agents do not understand the vulnerabilities, blatant fraud, to the agents brought no small loss. So, what deceptive tactics exist water purifier industry? Water purification agents And how to prevent it?


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to join the four trap you fall into the pit water purification agents yet? (Photo from Internet)

   One trick: rhetoric lip

   Insiders said that the illegal water purifier business is always rhetoric, empty promises, do some false advertising, to promote their business development how good prospects, product how to make money, if entrepreneurs to join their brand, can make it back in a short time with interest. Advertising is often accompanied by the words "next millionaire is you," "250% return on investment," and so attractive, obviously exaggerating their own. These enterprises in investment, return on other analysis clearly and logically, some of eager entrepreneurs who can easily deceived.

   In this regard, the water purification industry insiders have suggested that agents in the choice of joining the business to keep a clear head, some companies do not be attracted by the hype. To understand the reseller business can not succeed in a short time, do not see the money blindly jumped, once fooled cheated, it is likely to lose everything. Therefore, agents should understand the market and business conditions, and enhance their knowledge, it is not easy to be fooled illegal enterprises.

   Second trick: Sipilailian Ruanmoyingpao

   In addition, insiders pointed out that once the agents interested in joining the project for water purifiers, water purifiers to some business or other phone consultation after the way the message, these companies will be a variety of importuning, entrepreneurs continue to call recommend, promote their so-called project can quickly become rich. To get rid of their harassing agents there are two ways, one is by design a good program to visit the headquarters; the second is to tell them clearly are not interested in this project, please do not call again.

   Three tricks: a dead letter sneak

   "When the agents in the initial consultation, when people say they investment sector will provide a full range of support, including staff training, promotional planning, marketingThe sale of a series of training planning, sales skills, product knowledge, and so on. "Insiders said that in fact all this training would be empty words, unscrupulous companies from the Internet or other franchising companies got the so-called training materials, simple tinkering, the direct use of these things to deceive. Then only 1-2 days time training franchisees, these so-called training materials read it, in fact, the business of the late franchise will not have the practical effect

   trick 4: outrageous shirk responsibility

   Insiders also he said that once the agents discovered fooled, when the theory of the firm, companies will adopt the attitude of even arrogant rogue means to deal with agents. unscrupulous companies to deceive agents are carefully designed, so it will not allow agents to catch them "tail." so even if the agents knew they had been deceived, may not have relevant evidence to sue them. even if there are victims want justice, they can easily be easily worn down or defeated, rigid government departments according to law provisions can not do nothing, unscrupulous companies can easily escape the law. Therefore, agents and associated companies signed a contract, when the agreement carefully look at the content, do not let unscrupulous businesses abused.

   in short, water purifier agents do not venture too hasty in choosing a water purifier to join the business, thinking about how business success but also constant vigilance, careful observation and rational thinking to maintain.

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