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   November 3, 2017 morning, Victor purifier staff to Provincial Childrens hospital to visit condolences hospitalized because of illness supply businesses belong, to send him care and warmth. Staff their conversation, ask family members illness and treatment, thanks to the contribution he has made to the development of Victor House, and the gifts and condolence money to his hands, with concern to encourage them to build confidence, and actively cooperate with treatment, recuperate at ease ride out the storm, and Victor all employees to bring their good wishes and encourage them fought the illness, a speedy recovery.

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   shipping enterprises, culture is a fan. Everyone in business is this one big family. For Victor House, it is not only the employees, dealers, suppliers guaranteed interest, but also for employees, dealers, suppliers feel the business of care. Victor is not only a home water purifier brand, but also a cultural symbol, not only contains the "home" extensive and profound culture, but also carries a rich timeless feelings of gratitude. It represents enterprises to establish a "Thanksgiving, mutual aid" cultural determination, the "grace" to benefit the employees, dealers, suppliers and their families, as well as those who need help, in difficult times, so that they see hope, conquering difficulties Confidence.

   "do good deeds, but not as small, small and whom not to be evil," is an old saying widespread motto, and truly good-hearted, good deeds but by no means easy for individuals so on business is no different. 2015, Victor House as title sponsor Anhui TV "trickling Action" section of the public, initiate and actively participate in the program more than 20 public events, donated money and materials up to hundreds of million. 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, Victor condolences to family of four consecutive years caring activities Changfeng orphanage for three consecutive years condolences warm heart action Changfeng nursing home, always highlight the business-to-public welfare dedication and perseverance, in addition, the company care for veterans of the war, condolences to the families of the dealer, condolences to the families of sick employees, sick condolences to supply businesses belong to, are all the time with a caring dedication, time and time again with a strong action highlights an outstanding corporate brand value and feelings of gratitude.

   a small thing, a detail, everything people moved, in a word, a greeting, a warm sound people. Every Thanksgiving action Victor House are so "family members" deeply appreciate the warmth "family", this "zero distance" love, not only shortened the distance between each other, further enhancingThe companys cohesion and solidarity, help enterprises Ningxinjuli and development, reform and innovation beyond the map.

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