Water arsenic how to do

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   water arsenic how to do? As for arsenic in tap water should be? This chemical element arsenic on the human body great harm to life due to high levels of safety, the following specific to understand the next.




With attention to drinking water, tap water is undoubtedly the prime target of concern, because unsolicited closely related to our daily life, is not dense points, related to our personal body health, so the water is good or bad, will directly lead to the level of our quality of life, water containing arsenic how to do? It is not to buy a home water purifier is more good points, so how drinking water is considered safe?


due to the pollution caused by human activity, resulting in our environment, including air, soil, water, food and so subject to varying degrees of damage to health, which should attract everyones attention.


The arsenic compounds are highly toxic substance, its detection is of great significance. Arsenic and its compounds are widely present in the environment, less toxic elements arsenic and arsenic compounds are highly toxic, Arsenic and its compounds into the body, such as intake exceeds excretion, arsenic will be stored in the liver, kidney , lungs, bones and other parts, many of the enzyme activity is inhibited, resulting in metabolic disorders. If higher levels in drinking water, long-term drinking will cause chronic poisoning, induced by a series of illnesses. Arsenic pollution poisoning (acute arsenic poisoning) or pollution disease (trailing arsenic poisoning) has been uncommon.


in Manchester, England as a result of arsenic added sugar in beer, resulting in 6000 people were poisoned and 71 deaths. Japan Morinaga Milk Company, due to the use of arsenic-containing neutralizing agent, cause poisoning 12100 people, 130 people died due to cerebral palsy. Typical chronic arsenic poisoning in the vicinity of Japan, Miyazaki Lu arsenic mine for a long time, because the amount of arsenic in soil up to 300 ~ 838mg / kg, resulting in the regions primary chronic poisoning. Shimane Valley copper mine in Japan residents have chronic poisoning. Determination of arsenic acid has a silver diethyldithiocarbamate spectrophotometry, zinc sulfate, a new system of a silver salt spectrophotometry Gutzeit, catalytic polarography measuring process cumbersome, and the determination of low sensitivity, accuracy and precision are often unsatisfactory.


See the above data and the degree of harm to harm the human body, this chemical element arsenic is so big, how can water it contains arsenic, Xiao Bian to remind everyone that,The key is to tap drinking water daily, and more concerned about the quality of tap water, in order to have greatly improved our lives, more families make little knowledge of drinking water in this site. stay tuned.




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