What kind of water filter is more suitable foChinas waqualit

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  What kind of water filter is more suitable for Chinas water quality publishing site: www.watersz.com Published: 2018-10-08 sea purchase, is a way of life of many people in the trade and economic development today, a lot of people like shopping or looking directly into the overseas people purchasing items purchased from designer bags, cosmetics and perfumes to the toilet lid, rice cookers, different species, almost all-encompassing. But in recent years, with the rise of sudden death overtime and fermentation concept of health news, the demand for household drinking water began to increase overseas purchasing groups or purchasing water purifiers have begun to grow up. People choose to buy water purification equipment in Europe and other countries is not accidental, because the United States and Europes water purifier market has developed very mature, water purifier usage has reached over 70%, and some countries even up to 90%. In China, even in the north of Guangzhou and other cities water purification equipment used by less than 20%, as the countrys water purification equipment utilization rate is less than 5%. Correspondingly, the Europe and the United States water purifier market has developed very mature, there are a lot of good word of mouth to sell water purification equipment, which is leading to a lot of people choose to buy sea water purifiers the most direct cause. However, foreign water purification equipment are often not suitable for use in the countrys water environment. Water pipelines and other developed countries in Europe and America is used in the white pipes, not easy to produce secondary pollution, can be directly consumed, thus acting mainly foreign water purifier to improve the taste of drinking water, it does not need to filter impurities. But there are a lot of water pipelines are cast-iron pipes and even cement pipes, water easily sneak into the sediment, resulting in rust, bacteria and other harmful impurities affect the water quality of household drinking water. Therefore, it can not filter impurities of foreign natural water purifier water purifier can not meet the needs of Chinese families. Walter purifier membrane, 0.01 micron filtration, is one ten thousandth of hair, can filter out rust, silt, bacteria and other harmful substances, due to municipal water flowing solution Chinese cement cast-iron pipe or tube Road and other secondary pollution caused by the problem, while retaining the water beneficial to human health development of minerals and trace elements, suitable for pipeline transport and purify by contaminated water, clean water to meet the needs of Chinese families, Chinese families to provide for the safe and clean drinking water. Meanwhile, Walter purifier uses a post carbon membrane, in addition to filter impurities like minerals and water retention elements, also has a large flow rate, and so no power zero effluentCan better meet the needs of clean water a person, including a huge amount of water kitchen water and bathing water. In the global sea trade and purchase increasingly popular today, many people over the pursuit of overseas shopping, but rarely think about foreign products is suitable for use in the country. For example, moms throughout the country interested in New Zealand and other overseas countries to buy milk, but do not know because different genes and environment, New Zealand milk powder and other European countries can not be targeted to add nutrients required for Chinese baby, but baby food for local China is not suitable for baby food. Similarly, water quality and design for overseas overseas water purifier for the water environment is abroad, does not solve the problem of secondary pollution Chinese tap water may occur during transport. The national water purifier brand Walter development of water purification ultrafiltration membrane water purifier can filter out tap water secondary pollution produced in bacteria, colloids, sediment and other impurities, retain beneficial minerals and trace elements, more suitable China home use.

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