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瀹朵箰浜嬪噣姘村櫒涓庢偍鐩哥害2017涓婃捣鍥介檯姘村睍 鎴戜滑涓嶈涓嶆暎

   June 7, 2017 to September, the worlds largest water treatment industry event - the 10th Shanghai International Water Exhibition will be held National Exhibition Center (Shanghai) grand opening, as the industry leader in clean drinking water - Lay home water purifier will debut the largest domestic water appliances in the field of water show

瀹朵箰浜嬪噣姘村櫒涓庢偍鐩哥害2017涓婃捣鍥介檯姘村睍 鎴戜滑涓嶈涓嶆暎

   at this exhibition the water, pleasure house museum in 8.2H Hall, booth # 308!. Here you can not only close family experience of pleasure series of classic products, but also can experience the pleasure brought home healthy drinking water. In addition, the home of joy star machine - Jianbin signed version of the F301 will also be displayed on the water show that takes you up close and feel the charm of family joy star product.

   understand the pleasure home water purifier brand details, please click on 瀹朵箰浜? width=

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