Teach you how to choose the right water purifier

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   March 14, a Jiangbei District in electronics stores, consumers are buying water purifiers. March 15, the public Liu Yin He came to Liberation Monument, a large appliance store, you want to choose a water purifier. United States, liters, Angel, EcoWater ...... water purifier brand stores in dazzling, but it is more Yin Liu He picked the Fan Yun: "how every brand of water purifier, claiming that the water purification technology and materials are not Like, people how the election? "

   He Yin Liu feel reflects the current water purifier market standards are not uniform, the name is not standardized, so that consumers" do not understand. " "There are three main problem areas: product features inconsistent statements, sales and after-sales price confusion, as well as water purification effect is not clear." Ming-feng, general manager of Chongqing Water Treatment Equipment Co., Ltd. Ji Bin said that this is not conducive to protecting the interests of consumers, but also not conducive to the development of the entire water purification industry.


   the same water purifier cartridge difference of several thousand dollars

   In recent years, water purification equipment annual growth rate of nearly 60%, much higher than the entire appliance industry growth rate of 0.25%. But at the same time, a variety of industry chaos has become more prominent. Obviously the same kind of water purification filters, but you can have a good variety of names, and once the "face-lift", the price is completely different.

   In a home appliance store to see reporter several ultrafiltration water as an example, which has marked a "clean filter element", there are "small molecule composite filter element", "smart hydrophilic filter "and so on, these water purifiers price from 1,000 yuan to 8,000 yuan range.

   "water purifier filter price and quality-related, but definitely not up to such a big price difference." Water purification technology Chongqing Shi Ville, head of Tao pointed out that the various filters, actually is a material: activated carbon.

   Tao introduction, the market most ultrafiltration water purifier filter works and structures are similar. A body which is generally two PP cotton filter carbon filter + + membrane configuration. Some water purifiers also attached on a rear Maifanshi ceramic and coconut shell activated carbon, filters, and other small molecules alkaline, but has little effect on the cost of the water purifier.

   consumer misunderstanding

   is not necessarily expensive high-priced water purifier sale

   to replace the filter, water purifier is necessary after-sales link. Consumers generally believe that the moreHigh-priced water purifier, after-sales maintenance costs necessarily more expensive, but it is not.

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