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   2017 water purifier industry has encountered a bottleneck, water purification equipment market is facing homogeneity, lack of innovation, wanted to break the impasse we must innovate to differentiate their products production, research and development to create the field of water purification the important part of the "explosion models" products to seek sustainable development of higher elevations, while also increasing the water purifier brand category, improve the product line as its own brand strategy.

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   now had access to consumer water purification products generally recognized, even become essential appliances. As people improve the quality of life, water purification products are no longer limited to purify drinking water, wash fruits and vegetables, shower bath, cosmetic whitening and other domestic water treatment products also emerge.

   love good Seoul Technology Co., Ltd. has a lift domestic water (non-potable) to improve the daily safety and quality of products, get a lot of water purifier brands and dealer attention. According to general manager of the company, "the company mainly technical output, commissioned research-based, industry-related stock solutions, modular product development, both in matching brands of kitchen and integration solutions experience, and other traditional kitchen, water purifier, cabinets, appliances top the benchmark brand optimistic. "According to general manager of the company said, the company is expected to launch in the second half of 2017 fit" kitchen integration "for home vegetables, wash , new bath water areas, brand end customer interest demand forecast for next year is expected to exceed tens of thousands of sets.

   In addition, a brand of net domestic drink R & D Director Products Division, said in 2017 the company will use its technological advantages, the introduction of differentiated products, giving consumers a better experience, so firm and expand the companys market share. It is learned that the company launched a cleansing water softener once appeared to be a majority of female consumers. Soft water with superior detergency to remove dirt pores, brighten complexion, delay skin aging, stick with slightly acidic soft water wash, can improve the skin barrier function, maintain skin supple and moist natural effect.

   tailored to meet the consumer themselves, their families and other needs of water purification products is also a key enterprise of attention. An industry source said, water purification products in terms of differentiation mainly in the rich category, such as pre-filter, kitchen water filter water purifier, energy, direct drinking machine and water softener machine. Among them, the whole house both offer the big villa purification, central water purification system,It was for mothers, infants and other special populations to build water purification products, as well as water treatment products for different environments rent, offices, etc.

   From the current layout of the water purifier business point of view, competition between different technologies and different categories have become less important, introduced to meet the user demand is the key. Meanwhile, net tap, net kettle water purifier market is also a popular product segments, there is both traditional home appliance giant to improve the product line, but also to try the product line to push sub-category leader in business expansion. In the brand so much, so much competitive pressure water purifier market, expanding product lines, introduce more product segments become the choice of many enterprises.

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