Water purifier sales to expose common tricks sureo check out

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   more and more consumers are aware of the importance of household water purifiers, but the face of the cohabitation of the water purifier market, we often can not tell the quality of water purification products, vulnerable to fraud. The following eight water purifier common trick, you have encountered?


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to expose the common water purifier sales tricks sure to check out! (Photo from Internet)

   a trick: the filter lifetime use

   Consumers may purchase will take into account cost water purifier, usually asking how long the filter needs to be replaced, and some sales staff said filter can be used for life, do not replace the middle, and even some sales staff in the face of the customers knowledge, no mention of the issue of the filter needs to be replaced.

   filter like a sieve, the large diameter of the object can not pass through the sieve, retained in the sieves, the impurities are trapped within the cartridge, after use for a long time will be blocked impurity filter, the water causes no odor or quality this time we have to replace the filter. That filter has saturation, saturation is reached this time, we have to replace the filter, so the filter lifetime use is wrong.

   trick two: after-sales commitment of up to several years

   water purifier as a consumer, whose sale is an important factor consumers consider, so many water purification business to match up, play guarantee service banner, but consumers need to replace the filter, call the service phone number is no longer only to find, so the market there have been many "orphan water purifiers."

   So, pay attention to the purchase of water purification products have no health document, certificate, warranty card, observe the water purification products owned company in the past if there is sustained after-sales service, if only a verbal commitment to the business, and that consumers be wary.

   trick three: Health magical healing water purification

   Some salespeople false propaganda, declaring that "alkaline water, activated water, energy water, small molecules of water", various Shenshui cure, mislead consumers, delay and treat patients Xunyiwenyao; this is most likely to occur in older people, because the elderly live a lifetime, their pursuit of material things has shifted from health care to above, so profiteers on the use of water purifier can cure guise to deceive the elderly.

   In fact, the principle is to use water purifiersThe filtration membrane filter impurities from the water clean in his purification process does not produce any beneficial substances, i.e. only water purifier purify water quality does not have the effect of treatment effects. Some join mineralization ball in practice it is only purified water is to increase the mineral content in water purification, medical treatment does not have the same effect, so we hear businesses in promoting water purifier can cure in time to buy a water purifier, then you must be careful.

   trick four: high-quality demo machine deceived residents

   saying goes, seeing is believing, hearsay is true that most crooks took advantage of this consumer psychology, the first use of high-quality water purifier to do presentations , high-quality water purification after the show to the masses. However, selling products but is only skin deep, water purification fundamental to achieve the effect of the presentation.

   we should choose well-known brands or companies with many years of experience in water purification, water purification equipment purchase. Beware of high-quality products that take the consumer to experiment blinded eyes, and then sold to consumers is low-quality product manufacturers.

   trick five: virtual standard price gifts for every one

   bad business through lectures to inform residents of the original price of more than 6000 water purifiers do sell more than two thousand activities, as well as induction cooker, rice cooker , eggs, rice gifts, spent the equivalent of more than two thousand only six thousand to buy a water purifier, but also get a lot of gifts. Residents get a water purifier really marked above more than 6000 prices, as well as genuine validation tag. In fact water purifiers are some substandard products not produced or licensed by unscrupulous businessmen labeled a false label. Rice cooker businesses that donated more than 1000 yuan a search online only a hundred; businesses mouth donated $ 3,000 gifts, a maximum value of more than three hundred dollars. When residents found leaking water purifiers and other issues, businesses have closed shop, the phone can not get through.

   Therefore, we do not take any cheap, if you need to buy water purifiers, be sure to choose the regular brands and manufacturers.

   trick six: free distribution of water purifiers have to close the margin

   The most typical is posing as government, business or the water company personnel, door to door. Now a lot of people posing as workers, companies should be allowed to provide relevant documents to prove their identity, and must not listen to anyones side of the story, go buy the product.

   trick seven: To receive free delivery after water purifier filter money

   "free" water purifier installation of widespread deception of the major community, a lot of people fall. In fact, if the water company activities generally will have an announcement on its website, residents can call the company to verify the authenticity of a specific water notice, make a decision too late.

   trick eight: Install "water purifier" promised a refund after one year

   The company has committed one year after the water purification installation costs can be refunded, and presented equipment. However, just finished installing another phone consultation will be unable to contact the company.

   like this need to wait for the return of long-term costs of the company, first query the authenticity of the company, the second is to look at it there is no physical store, there is a time and store and products. If there is no physical store, shop, there is no record of the product, consumers need to be vigilant.

   door to door scam tricks, we should be cautious, especially the home for the elderly should be strengthened prevention. For exaggerate the free publicity activities to be treated with caution, do not believe, his tricks, you can contact the police department if necessary!

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