Why drink water yin and yang the morng

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   There are a lot of people have the habit of drinking water yin and yang in the morning, but do not know why in the morning to drink water yin and yang? The following small series to tell you about the specific reasons for it.




Many of my friends have asked yin and yang of water on the body harmful? If the water is not treated, out of the water straight from the tap and water are mixed, then this yin and yang of water to drink after a great harm to our bodies; if it is drinking water in the cold water and mix together the yin and yang water is not harmful, but many of my friends like to drink a glass of water yin and yang in the morning, lets look at why they are the yin and yang of water to drink in the morning?


cloudy water: After water and let cool night, because the night yin, cold water also is a female, the operator cloudy water. While Yang water: just boil the water. These two water mixture is known as the yin and yang of water. Fasting morning to drink this water yin and yang mix helps to clear the stomach row stool, but when the drink must pay attention to, almost 800cc of water within an hour drinking, drink it to knocks. Because water is a big mouth and drink plenty of water into the large intestine, help defecation. Sips of water into the bladder of water, promote urination.


In addition, remind, personal experience, get up early fasting drink Do not rush the first bite, etc. adapt to breathing again after drinking, or some people will feel uncomfortable.


the specific method of administration:


1, 5 to 7 oclock in the morning, within an hour the salt of 4 to 6 bottles of "yin and yang water" big mouth two to three minutes finished drink.


2, during the interval may be natural stand, knees to shake up and down the center of the body.


3, why should drink 5 to 7 oclock "yin and yang of water"? This cover is also Mao Shi.


4, human blood line Maoshi large intestine, large intestine at this time it is also the best absorption.


5, why should not the big mouth and drink small mouth to drink? Sips of water due to the slow flow, the water will be from the stomach to digest the urine.


6, due to the large mouth water Fast Flow, will direct the water into the intestines intestinal cleansing, decomposition stool. After drinking the shake up and down the body, it is to increase the large intestine peristalsis and defecation as quickly as possible.


These are the yin and yang of the benefits of drinking water in the morning small series to introduce, but small series to remind you of yin and yang Although water detoxification function, butDo not drink every day, so the body can not afford is, we still have time to learn more about some family drinking little knowledge of it.




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