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   concern is popular, in order to rectify the water purification industry, the State Administration of Quality headquarters in Shenzhen water purifier enterprises inspected to crack down on the manufacture and sale of fake and shoddy products, illegal water purifier. Under such circumstances, a water purifier brand road to the future, it is worth every water purifier manufacturers ponder.

   Hansi Dun water purification marketing experts said that in the water purification industry standards increasingly stringent conditions, water companies must conduct a comprehensive reform in order to meet the development needs of the domestic water purifier market, have longer-term development. I believe the future of water purification industry, belongs with the following characteristics water purifier brand:

   First, the well-known brands have regular

   in QC country to crack down on under some do not too formal, poor product quality, consumer fraud manufacturers, presumably very difficult to survive longer. However, a viable water purifier manufacturers, in addition to the relevant business license, health permit, wading this document, but also have their own independent professional product technology and research capabilities.

   Second, the professional team of research efforts

   need to upgrade the brand, the product must first ensure good quality, from product development, production, sales, each step requires collaboration with a professional team in order to complete a more complex matter. Hansi Dun For example, it has five professional team: Research team of engineers, technicians, team, team of business people, brand operations team, after-sales service team. Each team of professionals responsible for different job responsibilities, to ensure the normal operation of enterprises, to provide consumers with more high-quality water purification products.

   Third, the special policy all the way to support

   agents who joined when we must think of how much risk, reduce investment risk if the manufacturers to give franchisees a good policy to allow them to join and after joining the factory can be mentioned in the technical and operational aspects of the strong support, I believe that many technical issues to worry about, do not dare want to join to join the agents who guaranteed after a join. Support and policy can not just yourselves, but to the genuineness of the implementation, so that the agent who really appreciate that not a person in combat. Cooperation, is superior or subordinates to make, not unilateral efforts and interest to both cooperate, taking into account the interests of both sides, together with bitter, everything has to be the culmination.

   Fourth, improve after-sales service thoughtful

   water purifierCooperation of the industry, not the final word, at that moment the two sides signed, clean water is already in the family, all after-sales problems arise for the manufacturers can not ignore the situation franchisee feedback should pay attention to, and continue to adopt good improvement, and for franchisees, we have to actively work with the manufacturers. A country with long-term planning of water purifier business, certainly has a perfect after-sales service to track and safeguard the interests of consumers, provide consumers with intimate after-sales service, increase customer loyalty to the enterprise. Hansi Dun is with a sound service system to win user acceptance and praise.

   change in the industry and are not afraid, afraid that there is no perfect technology, complete team overall strength, Hansi Dun, after a century of wind and rain, dedicated to improving human quality of drinking water, a high degree of social responsibility and sense of mission, the Hansi Dun in difficult, hold on, and danger in a crisis, stand on top of the rock, indestructible!

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